Win one of three Liquid Smoke gift-packs for a smokey foodie treat!

Liquid Smoke is the culinary equivalent of essential oils to fine cuisine.

You don’t need to be the ultimate firestarter, fashionista or foodie, to create that highly covetable smokiness to your favourite dishes because Liquid Smoke adds all the flavour without the drama. You can use Liquid Smoke in soups and stews, boerewors and brews, even desserts and martinis too!

It’s the essential ingredient to add an aura of mystique to all your favourite dishes- and JoziStyle has three Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs togive away as giveaways. It’s the perfect indulgence for any foodie, and a wonderful gift to gift to share with friends. Jozistyle has three Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs to give away to #JoziStylers!

Each Liquid Smoke Promotion Pack contains:
1 x European Beech 50ml
1 x Hickory 50ml
1 x Mixed Hardwood 50ml

It’s the perfect gift to share with a foodie friend, or even to yourself!

If you want to win one, simply tell share your most creative ideas for using Liquid Smoke (and we don’t need more marinade suggestions!)

  1. Anne Conley

    I love smoked foods so this would be an lovely addition – the most creative use I can think of would be to add some to olive oil for an interesting salad dressing, and I like the idea of using it in a dessert like an apple crumble. Making me hungry now!

  2. Sharon Armstrong

    Tricky question! I was thinking of using it in a cheesecake but that might not work so I thought of using it in a coulis drizzled over a cheesecake. I’ll send pictures if I win. Promise! :p

  3. Henk Roussouw

    I’m love my meat so I think I’d stick to using it as a marinade or adding it to rubbing oil before grilling my meat. Looking forward to trying it it.

  4. Chris A

    I’m making burgers tonight so I would have used it in a burger sauce by infusing mayonnaise with some liquid smoke – drop that on some bacon & cheese … nom nom nom!

  5. Rita van Dyk

    I’ll add it to the ingredients below for grilling fresh salmon, just like we had at Taku Lodge in Alaska:


    1/3 cup butter
    2/3 cup brown sugar
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1 tablespoon dry white wine
    8 salmon fillets


    In a medium saucepan melt butter over medium heat.
    Stir in brown sugar until dissolved.
    Add lemon juice and wine.
    Stir and heat through, about 5 minutes.
    Place filets in a well greased grill basket; grill on an uncovered grill directly over medium coals (they used alderwood) for 4-6 minutes per 1/2-inch thickness, or until fish flakes when tested with a fork.
    Turn often, basting with each turn.

  6. Farzana

    Where there’s smoke there’s flavour so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love the heady intense flavour of smoked foods especially salmon and roasted smoked nuts. I would eat a ton of it if no one would stop me :/ 🙁

    My most creative way of using liquid smoke would be to incorporate it into a mashed pear and cheddar biscuit (scone / bread) to serve with creamy chicken / corn soup.

    If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’d make a smoked coconut-milk-tart icecream served with pecan sticky buns. 😀

  7. Michael Gibbons

    Some creative ideas so I’m going to pull out all the stops and present a three course meal using Liquid Smoke because I really want to win 🙂

    1: A trio of prawns marinaded in some liquid smoke. I’ve never tried it before (obviously because I’ve never used liquid smoke) but I think this could work: a smokey prawn bisque, grilled prawns & a revamped version of an avocado ritz using liquid smoke for the prawns 7 mayo.

    2: Some red meat! A manly fillet roasted in rub made with coffeegrounds and Liquid smoke – served with a mushroom & red-wine jus infused with more liquid smoke, I love freshly ground coffee so adding some more earth smokiness can only work wonders.

    3: Dessert – everything with smoke – a pecan pie with smoke infused pastry and the smoke infused pecan filling, served with a scoop of whisky & Liquid smoke flavoured ice-cream and drizzle of smoke flavoured syrup. Garnished with three drops of Liquid smoke on the plate for decoration.

    Drinks: I’m not good with cocktails but I think a Liquid Smoke charged tequila could work 🙂 Let me try and I’ll let you know.

  8. Su

    Liquid smoke is the Midas of flavours: Everything it touches turns to gold!
    Add a couple of drops to tomato and onion mix to lift boerie rolls to another dimension.
    Turn ordinary olive paste into the most delicious smoked olive paste by adding a couple of drops of liquid smoke
    And of course the most amazing pulled pork just can’t happen without liquid smoke!

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