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Inspire Design thinking
The “Design Thinking Conference” taking place on the 11th June is aimed at CEO’s, MD’s and executives across a broad spectrum of the industry with the underlying them of doing things differently and being a disruptor within ones business sector in order to truly innovator a “leapfrog the competition. This includes all aspects from redefining company structure to ambient marketing and game changing strategies. It has been identified world wide that design thinking is essential for a business to truly innovate, from products to processes, risk taking, testing and evaluation with an empathy for the consumer are the underlying principles. The old cliché of “Doing what you did yesterday will not produce better results” is more apt than ever and local companies are starting to grasp this but certainly lacking the guidance or direction. We like to refer to these new business minds that are succeeding in these areas as disruptors and we have a lineup of some real big names speaking across a variety of industries. The Inspire Trade Expo’s strategic partner with this conference is Fast Company South Africa.

How is the line-up of some of South Africa’s first-class industry disruptors?
9:00: Ian Fraser & Astrid Ascar
Intro & the current state of business

9:25: Dave Nemeth
It is no longer business as usual

9:50: Brian Steinhobel
From SUPER Yachts to SUPER Cars to SUPER – Market Trolleys.

10:15: BREAK

10:40: Al Stratford
Innovation and applying design thinking

11:05: Robbie Stammers
Design thinking & Fast Company as world leader.

11:30: Gareth Cliff
How he disrupted normal broadcasting.

11:55: Callie Van Der Merwe
Design Thinking in everything

12:00 – 13:00: LUNCH

13:05: Alon Lits
Uber – Africa Journey

13:30: Rick Treweek
3D Printing, Robots and the change in your business

13:55: BREAK

14:20: Thabang Skwambane
Doing things differently

14:45: Robbie Brozin
How Art,Design and Peri-Peri can change the way the World thinks of Africa

15:00: Ian Fraser & Astrid Ascar
Overview & their conclusion.

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