Win 1 of 5 double tickets to Whisky Live Showroom @whiskyliveSA worth R320 @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Win 1 of 5 double tickets to Whisky Live Showroom @whiskyliveSA worth R320 @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Win 1 of 5 double tickets to Whisky Live Showroom @whiskyliveSA worth R320 @JoziStyle @Radio2Day
Whiskey Festival Pretoria JoziStyle
You want to go to the Whisky Live Festival on Thursday 14 May?

You could win a set of double tickets valued at R170 each. The prize includes 15 whisky sampling vouchers, a tasting glass and a 500ml Valpré Spring Water. If attendees join the Whisky Live Festival Club at the Whisky Live Showroom, they will receive R20 cash back or 5 additional tasting vouchers.

To win, simply tell us what is your favourite whisky and why you enjoy it over all others!

The winner will be announced on Saturday, 9 May, 2015 at 14:00!

You can also increase your chances of winning by commenting on our Facebook page JoziStyle and tweeting us on Twitter @JoziStyle!

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  1. nontuthuko hadebe says:

    Glenfeddich 12 it tastes good n what’s even better is I doesn’t make me sick(no hangover)

  2. Jabulile Magudulela says:

    Hennessy because its smooth!

  3. Remy Martin, it is very nice has that smooth taste. Tastes good even if taken neat

  4. Dineo Tota says:

    I enjoy Jameson, it does not give hangover. Totally smooth

  5. wmrparkins says:

    I have a few whiskeys in my collection and i like them all, but if i had to drink only one forevermore, it would be Lagavulin 16. I hear it all the time; add a few drops of water or a single cube to get the full spectrum of flavors. In the past I dutifully tried every new whisky straight and then with additions. Without exception I ended up wishing I had not added anything, so now, I don’t. I’m drinking L16 right now. Superb! Simply the best…and no, Amrut Fusion, Bowmore and even Blue are not as good

  6. Verne Mitchell says:

    Any bourbon works for me but I could learn to enjoy a few others.

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