Why S.T.A.R. Walk? @starwalk2015

Why S.T.A.R. Walk?

I am hesitant to call it rape because I feel like it steals from those who experienced a violent attack.

This one sentence from a survivor illustrates what is wrong with the way that we, as a society, deal with rape.

Despite a large and growing body of evidence to the contrary, we continue to perpetuate the myth that a violent attack on a female by a male stranger is somehow the most, if not only, legitimate form of rape. There is a misconception that some kinds of rape are less severe than others. It creates the idea that speaking about one kind of rape can detract from the others. Male rape is taken less seriously than female rape. Date rape is harder to believe than violent rape. Rape within a marriage is almost never spoken of at all. Corrective rape in some cultures is almost acceptable. Rape of sex workers is not even acknowledged. Rape of children is given euphemisms like enticement of a minor. It is all equally problematic.

The simple truth is that any form of sex without consent is rape. It is wrong. We will no longer blame the victims. We will no longer protect the rapists. We will no longer be divided in this fight. The aim of S.T.A.R. Walk is to provide a platform where everybody who is opposed to rape can equally speak out against this crime that we can no longer afford to sweep under the carpet. Speaking about sex crimes is difficult. The alternative is unacceptable. Our children are already more likely to be raped than to get a college education. How much worse does it have to get before we force ourselves to pull our heads out of the sand?

We need to act now. We need to act together. We must Stand Together Against Rape.

The S.T.A.R. Walk support base includes, the ANC, the DA, Slutwalk Johannesburg (part of the international Slutwalk movement), MatrixMen (part of the Sensible Choices group), African Feminism, the TEARS Foundation, Crimon Monash and the EPIC Foundation; with sponsorship from Pirates Sports Club, Medi – Response and Securitas.

And now it includes JoziStyle.

Add your organisation or join us as an individual at Pirates Sports Club in Greenside on 12th September 2015 at 10h00.

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