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What is #WhiskyJoziStyle?
#WhiskyJoziStyle is a whisky meetup where select bloggers are invited to review Whisky Live on www.jozistyle.joburg and their personal social media platforms.

Why #WhiskyJoziStyle?
Why not? #WhiskyJoziStyle creates exciting whisky tasting experience for whisky lovers, and creates considerable online exposure for writers and Whisky Live. Plus you get free goodie bags!

Who can #WhiskyJoziStyle?
Anyone can #WhiskyJoziStyle… provided they have a prolific online following, a discerning opinion about food, and can write an objective review about whisky.

What does #WhiskyJoziStyle cost?
Free for influencers if you are invited, but you need to submit an original review that will be published on www.jozistyle.joburg, and shared onto our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Reviews need to be 100% original.
Reviews need to be 100% objective.
Reviews need to be submitted within 48 hours.

Additional benefits of #WhiskyJoziStyle:
We will share & tag all reviews online.
We will include hyperlinks to restaurants & influencers’ websites, blogs & social media platforms.
You can share the links that you were published on www.jozistyle.joburg.
You can also re-publish your reviews anywhere after it has been published on www.jozistyle.joburg.
You can also write another review to publish elsewhere if you like.

Reviews, restaurants & influencers will also be shared on JoziStyle on Radio Today Johannesburg; and select participants will also be invited to be interviewed on JoziStyle on Radio Today Johannesburg- which will reach 30,000 listeners in Johannesburg and another 10,000 listeners around the world.
And that’s just a taste of #WhiskyJoziStyle things to come …

How do INFLUENCERS get invited to #WhiskyJoziStyle?
Simply add your contact details in the comments section below- and include links to your website, blogs and biggest social media platforms!

Do it TODAY, because #WhiskyJoziStyle is happening NOW- and share this with your fellow whiskys, friends and favourite restaurants!


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