Organic & non-toxic sun-protection for sunworshippers @VitaLiberataSA

In 2013 September Mylene Wait, CEO of Bella Me, decided that she would like to enter the Beauty Industry.

She looked at a couple of international brands of skincare as she was only interested in products that were organic & non-toxic. Also as an ardent sunworshipper she realised that years of lying in the sun was not good for her skin as she was getting older and she was concerned about the risk of Melanomas, as well as the risk of the toxins in the chemical, fake tans products that she was using at the time. A friend of mine in the industry had recently visited the Cosmoprof, the largest Beauty Trade Fair in Bologna earlier that year and very kindly passed on some of the business cards of some of the Beauty brands she had seen at the show. In amongst these was Vita Liberata which she immediately started researching and realised that their brand was exactly the one she was looking for. She contacted them and within 2 months went to Ireland to sign the sole & exclusive contract for Vita Liberata in SA, Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands, for my company Bella Me (Pty) Ltd.

They launched to the media in March 2014 and started selling to upmarket salons and spa’s in June that year. In December 2016 they hit brought onboard our 140th stockist. They are currently the Brand of choice for many upmarket and esteemed establishments like Africology, Steele Productions, Mrs SA, Miss SA, the Radisson & Westin Hotel Groups and are looking to expand into Mauritius this year.

Vita Liberata as a Brand has exceeded all my expectations, being the Worlds leading, Luxury, Organic & Non-toxic Brand of sunless tanning. Our team prides themselves on being educators about the benefits of using products that contain no toxins as well as delivering a glowing, radiant and hydrated skin.
Mylene Wait | CEO of Bella Me
Bella Me also encourage ther clients to respect and protect their skin by not over exposing themselves to the sun and the dangers of melanomas. Their products are recommended for all skin colours and whilst Ethnic skins may not necessarily want to darken their skins, the benefits of using products that contain extreme hydration, and anti-aging ingredients deliver the same radiant healthy, even glow to skin that which can sometimes be very dull and ashen.

Vita Liberata has perfected the art of capturing Sunshine in a Bottle, in ways that do no harm to the skin or the Planet. Our mission is to educate customers and there is nothing more rewarding to see a client’s joy at being transformed from pale and dry to glowing and bronzed in a matter of minutes, knowing that they have no dangerous chemicals in their livers.

A Vita Liberata tan is the purest in the tanning world. Made using  natural, certified organic and Ecocert ingredients, Vita Liberata tans nourishes the skin, ensuring your glow looks radiant and fades patch-free , just like a natural suntan. With zero parabens, preservatives or other chemical nasties that can dry out your skin, Vita Liberata tans give you a 100% healthy and completely natural glow, all year round. Available in professional spray tans and amazing award winning retail products which include pHenomenal Mousse or Lotion, the only self tanner in the World which lasts for 2-3 weeks.

The Vita Liberata SA team is passionate about educating their customers about the dangers of chemical tans and their inherent toxins, as well as the danger of over exposing the skin to the sun and  the risk of Melanoma’s. Vita Liberata is the answer to healthy, glowing, radiant and younger looking skin.

Visit www.vitaliberata.co.za.

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