Discover 100 must-do activities in Durban, with @MapStudio’s newly released Visitor’s Guide to Durban.

Discover 100 must-do activities in Durban, with MapStudio’s newly released Visitor’s Guide to Durban.

This guide will not only give you interesting facts and figures, but also important information like transport options and accommodation options.

Tour the city visiting the beaches, surfbreaks, learn about fishing, the arts, theatre, dance and festivals, bookshops, movies, music, art galleries, museums and nightlife.


Of course your visit would not be complete without savouring delicious Indian food and not trying a Durban “bunny”, is like going to the UK and not eating fish ‘n chips. There are of course lovely restaurants, coffee shops, markets as well as food shops to suit the entire family.

The guide also gives a great section on the parks and game reserves and local is lekker so shop around for locally produced goods and support cultural diversity, by supporting local artists, crafters and small businesses.

This guide is a must-have for anyone wanting to visit Durban and the surrounding areas.


Based in Durban, author & freelance writer, Sue Derwent works in media development, providing general content, regularly contributing to numerous local, national and international publications and online platforms.

Sue has published numerous books on Durban & KwaZulu-Natal (KwaZulu-Natal: Adventures in Culture Nature, Picturesque Durban & Surrounds, Picturesque Drakensberg, Kwazulu-Natal Heritage Sites: A Guide to Some Great Places, The Very Best of Kwazulu-Natal & Zulu).

Sue began working as an environmental journalist and photographer for independent newspapers before becaming a travel journalist, and has authored the large majority of travel and guidebooks relating to KwaZulu-Natal and Durban.
Sue has published 17 books in total, and for the past 18 years have worked independently. Her special interests and skills are in travel, traditional culture, food, environment and lifestyle.When Cape Talk Radio launched in 1997 she  produced environment and travel programmes and over the years has  also worked for French TV, UK based Channel 4 TV, BBC’s Natural History Unit and South Africa’s MNet.Sue has extensive experience in public relations (past Director of Communications for the Peace Parks Foundation) and has been employed as media consultant for many companies ranging from corporates such as Nedbank’s Green Trust, the Department of Environmental Affairs, and Marine and Coastal Management, Tourism KwaZulu-Natal, WESSA, KwaZulu Training Trust to smaller local tourism authorities, as well as many organisations in the travel industry such as hotels, guest houses, travel companies, safari companies, NGO’s and many individuals.

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