South Africa’s VELDSKOEN Is Going To The Summer Olympics in Tokyo!

VELDSKOEN Olympics JoziStyle

SASCOC has named VELDSKOEN as the official off-field shoe of South African Olympians, for this year’s games in Tokyo.

After watching the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh began brainstorming what the athletes could have been wearing that would have better represented the vibrant spirit and style of South Africa. They came up with an idea to add a pop of colour to the traditional veldskoen.

VELDSKOEN Olympics JoziStyle

Zondagh suggested a pair of leather Vellies, because they are iconic South African shoes. Dreyer responded that traditionally Vellies are not exactly considered fashionable. And so, they began chatting about ways to make our “national shoe” more attractive. The answer came in the form of the brightly coloured soles and laces; VELDSKOEN’s trademark look today.

To help their shoes walk the globe, the entrepreneurs enlisted the skills and imagination of old school friend, and digital marketing expert Nic Latouf. Latouf’s clever internet marketing quickly created a strong online footprint that helped the brand transcend South Africa’s physical borders.

 VELDSKOEN Olympics JoziStyle

This is our opportunity to share the beautiful, vibrant, resilient, light-hearted South African-ness with the world! And it’s fun. It’s seriously fun.
Ross Zondagh, VELDSKOEN MD

Local Investment aided the company’s international expansion plans in 2018. In 2019 VELDSKOEN gained the attention of international celebrity investors Marc Cuban, and Ashton Kutcher, and a United States leg of the business was started. VELDSKOEN is currently selling in 28 countries, with independent online stores and also large retail partners like Takealot and Outdoor Warehouse.

Their reimagined take on the beloved South African shoe captured the hearts of the nation and the interest of global investors. In less than 5 years, VELDSKOEN has grown from a small internet start-up to a global brand.

VELDSKOEN Olympics JoziStyle

SASCOC’s inclusion of VELDSKOEN as part of the 2021 official off-field Olympic uniform, has created a full-circle moment for the brand. It is very surreal for Ross Zondagh, VELDSKOEN MD, who says that what started as a moment of curiosity, a little dream. Now, their little dream will be walking out of that stadium tunnel to the opening ceremony. The whole world will see them.

As the 100-day countdown to the Tokyo Olympics begins, the brand is encouraging corporates and South African citizens to get behind our athletes, by also making VELDSKOEN their official supporter’s shoe.

SASCOC has also made VELDSKOEN the official off-field shoe to be worn by South African athletes at this year’s Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo. The brand has come full circle.

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Veldskoen Olympics JoziStyle

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