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Since being crowned as South Africa’s Ultimate Braai Masters last year, Yusuf and Stephen, of team Tikka Boys have just opened their new restaurant in a beautiful valley in Hermanus, La Vierge, and are gearing up to claim their winning trip to India, courtesy of Robertsons Herbs and Spices.

Says excited Braai Buddy Stephen: “So we’re still finding our feet at La Vierge. It’s a restaurant on a wine estate that we bought with our winnings from Ultimate Braai Master and took on the huge task of running and owning a restaurant.”

La Vierge has been around for eight years and Yusuf and Stephen are in the process of reinventing the restaurant to reflect their style and incorporate their love for the braai: “Ultimate Braai Master has most definitely influenced our menu – we do a smoked salmon trout, which is inspired by what we did in the final and yellowtail is also a must for our menu. We will also be introducing Braai Sundays – family style. Ultimate Braai Master really has shown us that food needs no complications, so our focus is flavour and simplicity.”

But their winnings haven’t just afforded them their new restaurant as the two are gearing up to embark on their incredible trip to India with host Justin Bonello, as part of their prize for claiming the 2014 title: “We have been having sleepless nights in anticipation of this cool trip and how epic it is going to be! Inspiration is everywhere and the trip to India will be nothing but inspirational, so you’re probably going to see some curries and naan bread on our menu when we get back!”

Says host Justin Bonello: “When you think about it historically, the Europeans who used Cape Town as a stop off point en route to India in search of the luxurious spices that it’s famous for is essentially the whole reason that we even exist here on the southern tip of Africa, so to be going there is something really special for me. I’m very excited because I’ve never been there before and I’m glad that I don’t have to circumnavigate the African continent in a ship to experience it, and it’s all thanks to Robertsons Herbs and Spices. I’m very proud to announce that Robertsons have come on board for Season Four as our headline sponsor, so watch this space for all the updates from the spice capital of the world!”

The show has launched Yusuf and Stephen’s career and given them the kick-start that they deserve, as Braai Buddy Stephen says, “Ultimate Braai Master is a great platform and South Africans have a unique braai culture unlike anywhere else in the world. So for guys wanting to get their names out there and at the same time get to travel to the most beautiful parts of Southern Africa, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ENTER NOW. This was a huge springboard for our career and again, a huge thanks to the Ultimate Braai Master for making this dream a reality.”
Entries are still open, but not for much longer! Simply visit www.ultimatebraaimaster.com and click on the ENTER NOW button in the top right corner to stand the chance of joining Justin Bonello on a dust-kicking, culinary road trip of a lifetime and the chance to win!

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