UCook aims to make cooking nutritional meals accessible, easy and stress free.


‘Work hard and play harder’, is a motto by which many South Africans live. As a result, there’s little time in between to page through recipe books and scroll through blogs in search of great recipes, schlep to the shops for ingredients and still make dinner from scratch.

Imagine a recipe book that delivered all the ingredients you needed to cook every recipe in it, straight to your door. Dinner kit delivery service UCook is making this fantasy a reality and is designed to help you learn how to cook healthy, gourmet meals easily.

With UCook, you simply visit www.ucook.co.za once a week and select delicious meals from one of the three menus (Rustic, Low Carb or Vegetarian) that have been curated by some of the top chefs in the country such as Winner of Italian MasterChef, Lapo Magni. Choose how many portions of each dish you would like, add one or two bottles of specially paired wine if you like and leave the rest to them. The team will employ its farm to fork philosophy to source organic ingredients such as grass-fed beef and free-range eggs from local purveyors as well as rural and urban farming projects. They will then accurately measure these and deliver them, along with their corresponding recipe cards, directly to your address for you to cook in the comfort of your own home.

UCook aims to make cooking nutritional meals accessible, easy and stress free. We eliminate the need for extensive grocery shopping and instead deliver the exact ingredients you’ll need for whipping up what’s on our recipe cards to your door. Through doing so, we enable you to create three mouth-watering meals each week.

David TorrU | Cook Co-Founder

After helping Capetonians cook healthy, gourmet meals easily over the past two years, UCook is now available in Johannesburg. Torr shares: “With our entry into Gauteng, we hope to spread the ethos that cooking good, healthy food can be easy when you don’t have to worry about all the admin associated with the process.”

UCook has grown its customer base by 200% over the past 6 months with plans to expand beyond South African borders in the pipeline. “Our mission is to make cooking accessible and fun for all inspired home cooks. We plan to do this by reinvigorating the dinner table dynamic with fresh new recipes and great ingredients that will keep people cooking,” concludes Torr.

visit www.ucook.co.za.

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