Three ways to really spoil your Dad (or yourself) on Father’s Day!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Dad deserves more than soap on a rope for Father’s Day. There’s plenty on offer in and around Johannesburg, from collector’s art, indulgent spas, luxurious breakfasts to gourmet dinners paired with fine wines, and maybe even a drive through a game farm!

The worst presents to get includes, but not limited to, anything from a department store offering Father’s day specials. They really are never that special. My pet hates include cartoon socks, ties or undies- because Dad makes children, so he shouldn’t be treated like one.  Soap-on-a-rope is the nastiest cliche for Father’s Day, buy him a fine fragrance by all means but never soap. A voucher to buy whatever he likes shows you have the imagination of a gerbil, so skip the voucher and get ready to shop for something meaningful- or take Dad with you.

The best gifts are often inexpensive but thoughtful- or my personal favourite: very expensive and but still thoughtful. The best gift you can give your Dad is your time, but failing that, here’s a selection of some treats that guests on my radio show, Sound Bites on Radio Today Johannesburg have on offer for Father’s Day.


Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa is offering a winter wellness package and Father’s Day treats to revitalise body and soul.

Fairlawns Spa package includes a 20 minute aromatic steam on arrival, followed by a 45  minute facial & shave plus a deep tissue massage to relieve stiff back, neck and shoulder muscles. They can also separate a mono-brow upon request but ask them to allow you to try the Kneipp therapy- which is like reflexology in frozen water. It really is a treat for your feet.

Then treat Dad to a classic English Breakfast menu that includes all my favourite breakfast treats: freshly squeezed fruit juice, yoghurt, crumpets, salmon, French toast, eggs Benedict, lots of crispy bacon and (my personal weakness) hash browns!

The Fairlawns Spa is popular with locals wanting time out to rejuvenate mind and body whilst also enjoying a delectable breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner to lengthen the indulgence… but what I love the most is the seclusion and silence!

Contact Fairlawns on 011 804 2540 / www.fairlawns.co.za.


Clico Boutique Hotel offers 5-star fine dining at its best in Rosebank. They literally will go out of their way to create a bespoke menu for any occasion- just ask.

A three course meal will set you back R350 but it’s an experience you will never forget- and it’s paired with appropriate wines (gotta have the wine!). Where else will you enjoy wild mushroom consommé with quail egg ravioli; springbok loin with white onion puree, wild mushrooms and red wine in thyme jus with baked winter fruits with vanilla bean syrup and mascarpone cream for dessert?

Their winter brunch is  a 2 course menu that includes dessert. Try the smoked Scottish salmon with spring onion pancakes, a poached egg and chive mascarpone followed by a baked plum and almond tart with white chocolate sorbet. If having dessert for breakfast isn’t decadent enough for you then try having it with champagne!

Clico are planning a special menu for Christmas in July on the 25th, which I know will be a treat. We do a “Twisted Christmas” in July where invited friends are expected to bring the nastiest present ever- but not worth more than R20. The challenge is to be as creative as possible. But, that’s my style- not Clico’s!

Contact Clico on +27 (0)11 252 3300 / www.clicohotel.com


Valley Lodge & Spa in Magaliesburg is less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg but an ideal destination for Father’s Day. I spent a weekend there a while ago where I got to detach myself from the stress of the city. It is a rambling, albeit luxurious, lodge covered in creepers and surrounded by trees. The silence is punctuated only by the occasional sound of birds and, if you listen closely enough, the sound of a nearby stream.

You will enjoy just strolling around the lodge because it is so beautiful, relax in the library with a book or take a hike through any of their hiking trails. You have to jump into one of the canoes they supply and just let the waters take you wherever they take you. They also offer hot-air balloon rides but I jumped into the spa.

Guests can spend the whole day making full use of the spa facilities; which includes sauna,  steam room, jacuzzi and heated mineral pool, but they offer an assortment of treatments worthwhile enjoying from facials, massages, even reiki, chakra balancing- and champagne. You will work up an appetite but their sumptuous buffet meals will take care of that in no time. Take the family, or just take yourself!

Contact Valley Lodge &  Spa on +27 14-577 1301 / www.valleylodge.co.za


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