Things ewe never kn’ewe about South African place names by Ann Gadd @MapStudio

Things ewe never Kn’ewe about South African place names

Things ewe never kn’ewe about South African place names!

Ann Gadd is the author of 13 books and one of South Africa’s most popular and successful artists (with a particular fondness for sheep).After 15 years in advertising and design, tired of having the wool pulled over her eyes, she opted out and plunged into owning a health store, writing books, being an alternative practitioner, journalism and, most of all, painting quirky sheep paintings. She also ran art workshops and was the SA National Boardsailing Champion (in her spare time) while being a mother to her two children and several animals (but sadly, no sheep). She is responsible for creating the art movement known as Baabaaism, which reflects the social and intellectual preoccupations of sheep, using popular visual language.
In this book, she combines her ewenique ewemour with writing and her love of all things historical and South African.

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