The Queen of Virtual Horse Racing

The Queen of Virtual Horse Racing

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

The Queen of virtual horse racing has made history so many times that even historians anticipate her future races; and she is on the threshold of making history again as she is expected to win her 9,000th race on this week.

Samster has enjoyed unparalleled success on, she has participated in 50,800 virtual races, won over $615,000.00 (US) and has collected over 22 championship trophies; but her biggest accomplishment to date was winning the Virtual Triple Crown of Virtual Horse Racing. The Samster stable is held in the highest regard, not only for its stature in the virtual horse racing community but also for the dignity with which it conducts itself.

Samster’s stable was not an immediate success when she joined the virtual horse racing community in February 2003 through ESPN; her stable was an unassuming one that seemed to produce more donkeys than thoroughbreds but Samster said she would rather get mad than quit so she studied every aspect of the game. One of her best decisions was to concentrate on racing fillies rather than colts; Samster started racing fillies with such success that she was lauded as the First Lady of virtual horse racing.

Anyone can be successful in virtual horse racing if they apply themselves, because ultimately even at its most simplest level it remains a game of skill. You can even make a lot of money on because in addition to the stakes that can be won, adds over $900,000.00 (US) in sponsorships to the annual racing program. No previous horse racing experience is necessary because the site offers a comprehensive help section and personalized support that will take you from rookie to champion in the time it takes to saddle your horses. Samster has credited the help section with being one of her first steps to victory but she is also a big fan of the sponsored Grade 1 races.

Horse racing enthusiasts are initially attracted to the sponsorships, and obviously winning money is big at, but there is an unspoken rule between players that you need to win a Championship Series title to establish yourself as a master of the game. The Championship Series on is huge: three days of non-stop virtual racing over eighteen tracks with countless consolation races, and it is worth over worth over $100,000.00 (US). It is extremely competitive to say the least, and it is not for the faint hearted.

Samster approaches all her challenges methodically, but there was one obstacle between her and her first championship trophy, her best filly, Annie’s Dangerous, had previously displayed incredible potential in her Qualifiers as a juvenile but nothing that translated well in the Championship Series Finals. Samster persisted with Annie’s Dangerous until she was able to qualify for all the Triple Crown Championship races.

The Triple Crown Championships are the ultimate races for any horse owner. Winning one Triple Crown Championship is an accomplishment within its own right, but winning all three championships over consecutive days is virtually impossible, even in virtual racing because winning a Triple Crown is about as easy as trying to bottle lightning.

On November 27, 2003, Annie’s Dangerous won her first championship title in the Triple Crown Sprint Championship. The following day she won the Triple Crown Classic Championship. Unbelievably, on the third day Annie’s Dangerous won the Triple Crown Stayers Championship to rapturous applause as she became the first winner of the Virtual Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. It was a phenomenal accomplishment that has never been repeated; neither online at nor in in real-life horse racing when Nijinsky won the Triple Crown in 1970.

Virtual horse racing fever captured the world’s imagination. Even Bill Finley from NY Times expressed his disbelief that a virtual horse could earn US$6,000.00 when he interviewed Samster on Sirius XM Radio. Ever gracious, the Queen of virtual horse racing corrected Bill, confirming that while Annie’s Dangerous had won $6,000.00 (US) in’s Triple Crown Championships — her filly had actually won close to $20,000.00 (US) before she was retired from active racing. Samster even convinced the esteemed Bill Finley to try his hand at virtual horse racing. Ironically, despite her incredible achievements on, Samster admits she still loves winning the small races as much as she does the big ones.

Sometime this week Samster is expected to win her 9,000th race on Now that is something to get excited about.

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