#DineJoziStyle #LonehillWaterfront: incorporating Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen, Let’s Brew, Let’s Meat and Let’s Deli

The new “LONEHILL WATERFRONT” incorporating: 

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen, Let’s Brew, Let’s Meat and Let’s Deli

Joburg residents are now spoilt for choice with 2 new restaurants, a craft beer bar and delicatessen all under one banner, officially opening at Lonehill Shopping Centre on Lonehill Boulevard on Saturday 24 October 2015.

Nestled on a picturesque lake with an extensive deck as well as indoor area, Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen promises a passion for authentic Italian food, made by hand, just like Antonnio’s mamma used to, will be available at this new venue. Their mantra is “No frill, no fuss, hearty cooking” – truly Italian made by real South Africans.

A wide variety of delicious menu items are offered, from homemade pastas to pizzas prepared in their woodburning oven to burgers and salads for the health conscious, there’s something for everyone. Children are also encouraged to “make their own pizzas”, making this an ideal venue for the whole family.

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let’s Brew is the ideal spot to try a variety of craft beers on tap, as well as extensive “regular” bar drinks. With its rustic décor and stunning views of the lake, it’s a great place to unwind and enjoy delectable craft beers with friends or work colleagues. These craft beers are brewed in association with BlackHorse Breweries in Magaliesburg,

For those sports fans, there are TV screens all around to enjoy the current main sporting events. There’s also a separate area with a big screen for those wanting to book bigger private parties for specific events, or informal seminars with a difference.

Let’s Brew also offers a mouthwatering menu including Peppadew Chicken, Irish Ale Curry, Dop ‘n Chop and Drunken Boerie Sliders being just some of the popular items available.

Let’s Brew is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let’s Meat is THE best place to head to for the most succulent meal option you can find. A diverse range of steaks and burgers are their specialty but don’t rule out the scrumptious chicken and fish options, or even eisbein and homemade lamb potjie.

Meals are freshly prepared making whatever you order just melt in your mouth. The very best ingredients are used and all meals are prepared with traditional love and care.

Let’s Meat is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.
Let’s Deli is a one-stop shop to stock up on THE BEST quality deli and farm store-type items to take home and enjoy long after your experience at any of the restaurants is over. While you shop, watch fresh pasta being made and enjoy the aromas of fresh baked breads.

Let’s Deli offer an array of products from cheeses to baked goods to freshly cut meats, pastas and even a Banting section for those opting for a healthier lifestyle. It’s also interesting to realize that all these items are then used within the three restaurants on site, making this rather a unique experience for all who visit.

Let’s Deli is open from 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Parents with young children will be delighted to know that there’s an extensive Children’s Play Area available for all patrons visiting these various venues. Child minders will watch over your children while you have the chance to unwind and “chill” while hearing your children’s laughter either on the bridge, climbing inside the castle, playing in the sandpit or riding the bicycles provided around the cycle road track.

The area has already become charmingly known as “Lonehill Waterfront” by guests who have been part of the “dry run” before official opening to iron out teething problems – a name owner Charl Potgieter is happy to encourage, as part of the reason for taking on this enormous venture was his dream to establish a mini Waterfront in this beautiful spot in Lonehill.

Says co-owner Charl Potgieter: “How exciting it is to bring these brands to Lonehill. This is a passion not a job for us, we get up in the morning to make sure the guests have the best food, best service and an all round fantastic experience”.

It was my vision to establish a great restaurant and entertainment area where you could shop for farm-style meat and ingredients at the Deli, where the kids can play in a fun, safe and exciting environment while the parents can have a light meal or a big meal while looking at a beautiful view – not over a parking lot or in a mall. You can find any kind of meal here with Let’s Meat offering a different menu option as well.

He concludes; “I wanted to create something tranquil in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Northern Suburbs. We have a beautiful view. Now to start welcoming the Jozi patrons!”

Saturday 24 October marks official launch day, and then all the venues are open for business!

Charl began his restaurant career in 1989 as a waiter in MacRib Westgate at only18 years old whist studying BComm investment management. After having finished his degree he headed overseas for a gap year and so the food journey began when he started washing pots for 3 months; he scrubbed pots and floors, stocked fridges and generally started from the bottom, working his way up.

While obtaining his Honors, he managed an Italian restaurant in the heart of Sandton city and without realizing, the restaurant bug had bitten.

In 1996 he opened his own franchise; MacRib in the Strand and went bankrupt in the process.

He returned to Joburg in 2001 to manage a restaurant in Eastgate, then moving on to open Smith & Wollensky in Sandton – a big landmark restaurant in those days. This was then sold and he joined Butterfield Bread franchise company for eighteen months and loved it. He was then approached by TH Restaurants to start Ciao Baby Cucina and develop Karoo Cattle and Land in 2007 and remained with the group as operations manager until 2012.

In 2012 Charl broke away to start his own Brand being Let’s Meat.

He just wanted one shop but boredom and ambition got the better of him and what started as one shop is today four Let’s Meats:- Lonehill, Bel Air, Grey Owl and Parkview, two Antonnio’s:- Grey Owl and Parkview and two Let’s Deli’s:- Lonehill and Heathway.He’s now realised his dream to have all his brands in one area; Lonehill Waterfront.

Michelle Da Silva (Co-Owner) Michelle has been working with Charl since 1989 and is still to this day a dedicated partner and friend and an instrumental part of the Development of CAMY restaurant group. She has been in hospitality for 30 years, and is fundamental in operational side of the company. Charl could not have reached his dream without her expertise and ongoing support.

The Deli quest started in 2012 when Charl and Michelle established the Let’s Meat and Antonnio’s restaurant chains, aiming to bring proper food to real people.
To fulfill this goal they began a second quest: To find high quality, sustainably produced ingredients that would allow them to make food that they love and that their customers keep coming back for.
But …they didn’t always like what they found.

So they began a third quest.
If they couldn’t get what they needed, they’d need to find what they wanted. And after extensive research and investigation they created their own line of foodstuffs and ingredients. They partnered with a farm where they raise livestock and grow much of their own produce. They scoured the country for the finest ingredients on offer. With these basics in place they could pursue their dream of what proper food should be.

Finally they had what they needed to control what goes into their food – and what comes out of their kitchens. “PROPER FOOD.”

Their handpicked ingredients underpin the success of their two restaurant chains, but before long they found themselves with another challenge: Customers kept wanting to buy their products. It was time to embark on another quest, and the result is Lets Deli – where they bring you the very finest back–to-basics, farm-stall good food.
They take no shortcuts and use no half measures. Proper food is their business, and helping you to make it and eat it at home is their passion.

Then came the flagship node on Lonehill Waterfront that joined all three brands and introduced Lets Brew.

Food shopping shouldn’t be a choice – it should be an adventure. And at Lets Butcher they’re there to help with whatever you need to fulfill that quest. Their team members are proper food experts who know just what to give you to achieve your food dreams.

Let’s Butcher is a place where they share their passion and love of food with you. It’s a place where they let you in on the secrets of their knowledge, experience and expertise. It’s a place where, together, they come up with the basics for proper, lekker food.

They’re hands on, and they want you to be too. At Let’s Butcher they teach you how to choose, prepare and cook your meat. You can even cut your own steak. If you love a one-stop shop for your meat, chicken and braai needs, remember that they stock the very best lamb, pork, beef, boerewors, oxtail, lamb shanks, chicken, biltong and dry wors.

Let’s Butcher is proud to offer proper, simple fundamentally good FOOD.

Food shopping shouldn’t be a chore – it should be an adventure.

If you love a one-stop shop for fresh bread, cheese, pasta, sauces, pestos, jams, chutneys, sausages, pies, sarmies and even their own coffee beans and grounds.

Synopsis of each brand
· Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen: Family Friendly Italian Restaurant.
o  Let’s Meat: Family Steak House
o  Let’s Deli: Supplies all the restaurants with all their ingredients and offers a retail delight.
o  Let’s Brew: Let’s Brew craft beer in conjunction with BlackHorse Brewies in Magliesburg.
(8 different brews of Craft beer on tap!)

· The idea: Create a node to have a meal, a drink in a relaxed environment, with loads of open space and great views

Where other branches are:

Let’s Meat
Lonehill / Grey Owl Centurion / Bel Air North Riding / Parkview Moreleta Park

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen
Grey Owl Centurion / Parkview Moreleta Park / Lonehill / Heathway Centre, Blackheath.

Visit www.antonnios.cc

Photos by Mariola Biela.

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