A 4 Course Food & Wine Pairing Menu at The Grillroom And Sushi Bar with #DineJoziStyle #ExperienceTheExtraordinary

Please note: The restaurant adheres to stringent Covid-19 regulations to ensure the safety of all patrons:
➢ Wearing of masks by all staff
➢ Recording of guest temperatures and contact details upon arrival
➢ Regulated spaced seating according to WHO protocols
➢ Sanitisation of each table before and after each guest
➢ Regular sanitisation and wipe down of kitchens & bathrooms every 25 minutes

JoziStyle: Tell us what’s new on the menu?
Chef Jamie Sutherland: This menu is specifically looking at the warmer weather coming up in August.

  • I have lightened some of the dishes and add a real classic Oxtail but with our usual twist, the main focus of the menu is still the meats, fish and poultry, but again with a new twist on the sides and sauces served with them.
  • I have added a homemade salmon gravlax to our starter menu and a twist on a classic prawn cocktail.
  • The pork belly is getting an Asian twist, but still has that melt in the mouth texture.
  • There is a new twist to our prawn dish that has a more European taste and texture.
  • The salmon dish has a new look and feel and I moved away from the Asian taste to a more classic taste and look.

I can’t spill all the beans on the new menu, you would have to come and try for yourself.

What inspired this menu?
I wanted to ensure we got the best out of the amazing ingredients we have and can source locally. I then take these ingredients and add the touches that I feel make them standout, and with the warmer weather approaching I wanted to lighten the feel of the dishes.

Tell us why you’re pairing these specific wines with these dishes?
The wines have been selected for the amazing variety of grape types we produce here in South Africa. The subtle flavours of the chenin, the spice from the shiraz, and the earthy flavours of the pinotage, all make for an amazing full meal experience here at The Grillroom and Sushi Bar.

Why is it important to you that your ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced?
Sustainability is very important to us at The Grillroom and Sushi Bar, we have to look after today for tomorrows generation!

Locally soured produce means keeping our farmers, butchers, laborer’s, wine farms and fish mongers employed and puts food on the tables and roofs over the heads of the staff that work for the producers. Local is Lekker!!!

Your culinary influences extend from Europe to Asia and Africa, yet, your dishes are reminiscent of South African favourites. How do you create dishes that are familiar yet unexpected?
I have had the privilege of living and working in SA for 14 years now and its down to my time working in top quality restaurants and my time with family and friends at braai time that gives me the ideas on what to create and then its me and the kitchen team putting those ideas on to a plate. I always say “never serve a dish that you wouldn’t enjoy to eat yourself”

How is the South African food scene different compared to abroad?
There is so much going on in South Africa these days with some amazing chefs who have had the opportunity to work overseas coming back and spreading the knowledge and creativity through out the industry. These chefs are taking that knowledge and using it to create dishes that we can all be proud to call our own (yes I feel like a south African after all these years).

The Grillroom & Sushi Bar is a very ambitious destination restaurant in Pretoria that opened during the COVID pandemic. What were some of your unique challenges and how have you managed to remain relevant?
The main challenge was that so many great chefs and FOH staff lost there jobs due to the pandemic, and we had to choose so few and not help so many people!

Once we had chosen the team it was then time to get them up to speed on what we at THE Grillroom and Sushi Bar had in mind for our restaurant.

What have been your proudest moments as a chef?
The list is quit long to be honest, but the one that stands out would be, opening The Grillroom and Sushi bar, the trust of the owners in me has been a very humbling and proud experience for me!

The reason I say that is when you visit us, everything you are eating has been brought to you with careful thought for the product and how best to enhance its quality.

I have been given the opportunity to showcase the best of what I can do as a chef and as a mentor.

We have just achieved the first ever in the country, food safety and hygiene certification, we achieved a mark of 94%, which also means for the guests, that they know coming to eat with us is not only great food but the food is produced in a safe and clean environment.

What are your favourite ingredients?
All ingredients give me inspiration, even a simple onion can be transformed into a dish or garnish. But as a carnivore, I love working with meats, game and poultry of all kinds.

One ingredient that we will never find in your kitchen?
A: Packet sauces.

Q. Any final thoughts you’d like to share?
A: It gives me the greatest pleasure to see peoples faces when they taste our food and see what we do with our local produce.

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