The Good Life Network – South Africa’s first dedicated health channel

The Good Life Network – South Africa’s first dedicated health channel

The Good Life Network South Africa’s first dedicated health channel

South Africans interested in improving their overall health will have a new trusted source through The Good Life Network, a health and development pop-up channel which will air on DStv channel 199 from 1 December 2015 to 31 March 2016.

First of its kind in South Africa, the channel is spearheaded by Soul City and Ochre Media in partnership with the National Department of Health. The Good Life Network is focused on producing and broadcasting content that contribute towards positive individual and societal health outcomes. Viewers can look forward to shows that cover nutrition, health and fitness, human rights, youth sexuality, HIV and TB, as well as consumer and gender rights.

Mr Joe Maila, spokesperson of the National Department of Health explains the Department’s support of the initiative. The heartbeat of NHI is primary health care, the strength of which lies in prevention of disease and promotion of health as well as community participation: “The Department of Health has a long history of partnership with Soul City and have supported the production of Soul City’s award winning dramas that have influenced social norms in Southern Africa and have addressed critical health issues in South Africa. The National Department of Health (NDOH) is concerned by the growing epidemic of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) andwants to promote lifestyle changes and wellness strategies as key preventative options. Our association with mass media initiatives like The Good Life Network offer a powerful platform for health communications and our strides towards a vision for ‘A Healthy Life for All’.

Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (SCIHD), a leading social behaviour change communication NGO sees The Good Life Network as a powerful first for South Africa, one that will highlight the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach. “The Good Life Network is not only a TV channel. It is a call to action for all South Africans to make small changes in their lives to live a healthier live. We will be inviting South Africans to pledge to live a Good Life,” comments Lebo Ramafoko, CEO of Soul City.

The Good Life Network programming is diverse and original, including offerings such as Health Busters (breaking down myths), Food Police (helping you design healthier meals), SuperDoc (critical women’s health issues) , Village Shrink (your journey to better mental health), Cook for life (cooking up delicious and healthy African meals), Get Up Stand Up (celebrating those making a difference), Fit Life (inspired fitness outside the gym), Health Bulletins (citizen journalism combined with headline stories), Straight Up (youth sexuality) and Icheke (check your health), which will promote routine health screening.

“In keeping with the successful edutainment model, The Good Life Network will service a consumer appetite for entertaining health related content and services, which ultimately empower individuals and communities to take greater control over their own health and development,” says Krisen Pather, Head of Edutainment for Ochre Media.

Citizen journalism covering relevant health issues

Weekly studio news bulletin format supported with online audio visual resources, field reports and interviews. Editorial will cover SA Health – community news focus; SA – Primary Health Care; News from Africa; Health Trends and Weekly interviews.

Peoples’ therapist – mental health for the people

The Village Shrink will focus on mental health and well-being, The series offers affordable therapy for the nation and offers compassionate strategies for coping with everyday life. The series will be anchored by GLN’s resident, multi-lingual trained psychologist Mthetho Tshemese.

Host: Mthetho Tshemese
Mthetho Tshemese, is a Political Studies major with an interest in broader structural issues affecting the psyche of South Africans, reconciliation, identity, reduction of prejudice and discrimination, and social justice. A registered Clinical Psychologist, Mthetho has worked for the Psychology department at the School of Human and Community Development (Wits University), Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication, as well as the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital.

Priority women’s health issues
Host: Dr Gau Motau

SuperDoc will focus on women’s health issues. The program empowers viewers to access support and explores real case studies with in situ diagnostics. In each episode the show’s host, Dr Gau Motau, unpacks a health issue with a medical expert and we profile an everyday woman who has been personally affected. The show aims to be engaging and informative and encourages audiences to take preventative health measures.

Meet Super Doc!
Dr Hellen Kegaugetswe Rekgopetswe Motau is a passionate medical doctor with 9 years’ experience in both the public and private health sector. With a MBCHB from the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) she is perfectly placed to bring important health matters to the viewer’s attention and share our guests’ stories.

You don’t need a gym to be fit

A series promoting the concept that achieving fitness is affordable and within everyone’s reach. GLN will promote everyday Community Fitness Programmes happening in neighbourhoods and parks with inspiring ‘fitness makeover’ programmes. The series will include various fitness disciplines for both the young and the old.
Joey Rasdien takes on the health fads and dispels health myths
Host: Joey Rasdien

Watch well known comedian and talk show host take on the products and populist health myths that wreak havoc in our lives. The show is treated in a funny, entertaining and insightful way. Joey Rasdien investigates the psychology and the myths behind some of our weirdest health and beauty desires and searches for real answers to the health claims that many products make.

Time to get ‘food literate’

The Food Police – In this reality programme our dietician hosts will help our candidates improve their eating habits by improving general food literacy – if it’s bad for you then substitute this with something healthier that may even cost you less. Watch Food Police raid your cupboards and reinvent meals that make for healthy beings.
Brutally honest but compassionate, the show provides viewers with empowering approaches to making life changing decisions about their food and lifestyle choices.

The manual to better relationships

Relationships don’t need to be toxic and if they are getting to that point then the Good Life Network will help you get back on track with our mix of counsellors designed to give you the life-skills and tools to build real, meaningful relationships.

Get Up Stand Up
Celebrating Local Heros

Stories of everyday, community heroes who sacrifice their personal lives in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Cooking healthy African meals

Host: Mogau Seshoene
Mogau Seshoene is an entrepreneur, foodie and cook. She is very passionate about food particularly South African Food. She runs a company that provides lessons on preparing South African cuisine for which she won The Lean Jump business incubation programme powered by Sabkickstart and The hook up dinner.
In 2015 Mogau made The Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africa list in the entrepreneurship category and is currently completing a Culinary Arts qualification at the Chefs Training Academy in Pretoria.

This programme will showcase simple, effective nutritious budget meals for families. Anchored by celeb chef Mogau Seshoene, AKA, Lazy Makhoti who will share her passions and secret for good wholesome, African cuisine.

The Good Life Network will be available to DStv customers on the DStv Access, Family, Compact, Extra and Premium packages on DStv channel 199 for four months starting 1 December 2015 to 31 March 2016.

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