Thami Dish Foundation launches the first global LGBTIQ+ network @ThamiDish

The Thami Dish Foundation launched the Global LGBTIQ+ Network. The Network is set to become a gathering of the LGBTIQ+ community members, organisations and entrepreneurs to raise awareness on global LGBTIQ+ challenges and discuss experiences from across the world.

The inaugural theme ‘Unlocking the world by linking LGBTIQ+ communities globally’ will bring like minded individuals to Johannesburg for a conference in October 2018.  The organisers see the conference as a platform to network and explore synergies around various forms of activism, expression, economics and opportunities.

The creation of the LGBTIQ+ Global Network is a project of the Thami Dish Foundation, an LGBTIQ+ focused NPO geared towards educating societies, providing opportunities for LGBTIQ+ youth and creating healthy and inclusive communities. The network will be a platform to link NGO’s, LGBTIQ+ affinity groups, LGBTIQ+ activists, corporates and governments in a bid to form partnerships that benefit the global community.

My vision has always been to create platforms that advance the protection, promotion and visibility of LGBTIQ+ people, identities and communities. We want this network to unite the world’s LGBTIQ+ community. We should speak with one voice and show that we are powerful if we work together.

Thami Kotlolo, Chairperson of the Thami Dish Foundation.

Present at the launch was the first international partner, Emil Wilbekin, journalist, activist and Founder of Native Son, an American movement for Bplack gay men. “I’m very excited to be partnering with the Thami Dish Foundation on the Global LGBTIQ+ Network. It is important that LGBTIQ+ groups at all intersections connect and support each other in creating change, healing, and cultural understanding and acceptance in this world. Native Son is doing this work in the United States and we are happy to expand our mission to South Africa.” said Wilbekin.

The common thread highlighted throughout the launch was how building unity through the network will provide a more powerful and unified voice for LGBTIQ+ communities globally.

“This network is my dream – a space created by LGBTIQ+ groups for the benefit of communities globally to engage, learn and grow. The time has come to have collective ownership and commitment and this platform, which is another first will unite the world.” added Kotlolo.

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