Blue Colour Triumphs as Tendani Nethengwe Takes the Tastic ‘Just Add Colour’ Challenge

Over three months of preparation, brainstorming and planning ended in triumph when Tendani Nethengwe from Cape Peninsula University of Technology was judged the victor at the Tastic ‘Just Add Colour’ event.

The event had challenged 7 students from culinary institutions across South Africa to conceptualise a dish, using rice as a core ingredient that mirrored the splendor of the traditional South African 7 Colours Sunday Lunch. Each contestant was assigned a colour – blue, yellow, red, green, white, purple and orange –which represented a different mood and characteristic. The task was to prepare an easy-to-prepare, delicious meal inspired by their respective colours.

Ably assisted by their mentors, a range of food bloggers, writers and chefs, the seven students created their final dish for the competition, which they ultimately prepared at in front of a live audience made of celebrities, media and the Tastic team.

“We extend our warmest congratulations to Tendani Nethengwe, and commend her on the focus and dedication s/he gave to the ‘Just Add Colour’ challenge.’ comments Chetan Rajput, category executive: Tastic “For us as a brand, this exercise was essentially about playing a part in the development and evolution of the culinary arts in South Africa – and how better to do that than by collaborating with students in this fashion? We have been extremely heartened by the response from the participating students, their mentors and our judges, who have inspired us with their enthusiasm for the project, and judging from the calibre of the ‘Just Add Colour’ participants, have no doubt that the future of the South African food industry is in very good hands.”

The judging panel, consisting of the renowned Chef Benny Masekwameng, chef & food writer Anna Trapido and media personality Azania Mosaka, had their work cut out for them as each contestant delivered a memorable masterpiece that charmingly reflected the mood and theme of their assigned colour. In the end, however, it was Tendani’s dazzling Rice cream dish that took the day. She prepared a rice cream, brown rice soil, rice milk and served marshmallow meringue as dessert.

As far as the colours’ characteristics are concerned, the contestants are inspired by the following guidelines:

Sunday is the day for GOODNESS – White is the colour that represents Purity.
Monday is OPTIMISTIC – Yellow is Warm and Positive.
Tuesday is JOYOUS – Orange represents Joy and Attraction.
Wednesday is ENERGETIC – Red is Youthful and Bold.
Thursday is IMAGINATIVE – Purple is Creative and Clever.
Friday is ELECTRIC – Blue is Strong and Secure.
And Saturday is the day of HARMONY – Green is Balanced and Fresh.

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