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Lonehill finally have some establishments taking advantage of this gorgeous lake view.

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen, Let’s Meat, Let’s Deli and Let’s Brew have joined forces to create the new Lonehill Waterfront.

Wooden decks and shady umbrellas are the place to spend a laid back, enjoyable day/night drinking craft beer and eating delicious food. Having been invited to the inaugural #DineJoziStyle event, guests were well taken care of.
Live entertainment from Absinthe – consisting of 2 lead singers from WONDERboom and Sugardrive – was the perfect accompaniment to the day.

Antonnio’s spoilt us with tables laden with cheese boards and freshly baked pizzas. A proper feast which; from the looks of the guests there; was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The pizza was authentically Italian (If you have been to Italy you will know what I mean) The pizza is not overloaded with ingredients, but topped with a few ingredients which work beautifully together.

I sampled the tiramisu (my favourite dessert) and was very disappointed. Traditionally the marscapone cream and espresso give you a lovely rich creamy taste to end off your meal, but this was not the case unfortunately. Portion sizes are very generous for the price, but there was hardly any taste. I heard that the cheesecake and ice cream were good though.

The restaurant itself lacks a bit of atmosphere with regards to decor. The booths along the side of
the wall are a wonderfully cozy place to sit, but the walls are lacking the character you find in Italian
restaurants. Again, given that it is so new, one can only assume that these details will be added

The bar area boasts stools which have been re-purposed from beer kegs and topped with a pillow.

There are small details such as chalkboards filled with witty quotes – that make the decor very
“manly”, but at the same time, appealing to the trendy drinkers as well. There is a TV to watch the sports- although the sound levels may slightly interfere if you are at the restaurant seating nearby- especially when the home team is winning!

There are 8 different craft beers from Black Horse Brewery, but the star of the day, was the Pink Ginger Beer called GingerBerry. With only 2% alcohol, this ginger root ale is infused with strawberries and is the perfect refreshing drink that doesn’t pack a mean alcoholic punch.

Towards the end of the day I spotted a tower of Gingerberry being delivered to a table, so be sure to ask your waitron about those as I did not see any mention of it on the menu.

The service, although friendly, is very slow. I hope that this is purely due to a large group of people
and inexperience and with time, will be rectified.

Overall I would highly recommend a visit here. A wonderful location overlooking the dam coupled with sunshine, laughter and good food is a recipe for a fabulous day out.

Take Note: When looking for the entrance, you are going to have to enter through Let’s Meat or Let’s Deli as there is no signage for either Antonnio’s or Let’s Brew.

Visit www.tablesandthyme.co.za.

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