SWADZ launches in South Africa to connect local businesses to social riders @Swadzapp

Revolutionary international mobile advertisement platform SWADZ to launch in South Africa
in September 2015, directly connecting local businesses to social riders

Swadz, a new revolutionary international mobile advertisement platform that directly connects brands to social riders, will become available to South African mobile application users this Spring after launching in the USA in June earlier this year.

Currently available in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the USA, Swadz hopes to be available globally in every city where social riding services such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are accessible.

Co-founded by South African TV presenter and producer Roxanne Jooste, currently working and living in Los Angeles, and her business partner Natasha Burton, the app will feature businesses, entertainment and restaurants allowing local businesses to benefit from this unique advertising method, and the app’s users to attain additional income in the process too.

Swadz makes it so simple for local businesses and drivers that work for companies like Uber to make a profit and target very specific demographics. It’s the next level of direct marketing. The app allows both drivers and advertisers to have total control, and riders benefit too by staying informed on deals and other points of interest in their own neighbourhoods.

Natasha Burton | Swadz

Swadz has already secured investors from India and there’s plans to open offices in India, South Africa and in the Asian marketplace before the end of 2015.
“The Swadz application is free to download and allows advertisers to upload ads and packages that drivers can select from on a weekly basis. Drivers are then paid depending on how often they drove for the week with the ads displayed on an iPad or other mobile devices readily visible to passengers in their cars.”
In the USA the mobile application has already attracted advertisers such as Best Buy, Listerine, Marriott Hotels, BMW, Kellogg’s Miniwheats and Hard Rock Cafe. The product will be available for non-IPhone users by January 2016.
Visit www.swadz.com.

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