Support #SAOlympicChef in the #CulinaryOlympics

Cricket fans have the Proteas. Rugby fans have the Springboks. And South African food-lovers have a team of men and women in chef’s whites who will be flying the South African flag when they compete against 32 nations in the IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, in October this year.

Chefs David Higgs, Garth Shnier, Heinz Brunner, Henrico Grobbelaar, Dion Vengatass, Minette Smith, Kirstin Hellemann, Trevor Boyd, Blake Anderson, Arno Ralph.

SA Culinary Team Trevor Boyd, Dion Vengatass, Blake Anderson, Arno Ralph, Henrico Grobbelaar_Front (L to R) Kirstin Hellemann, Minette Smith.

A strong show of support and interest on social media by our fellow South Africans and foodies will give our team a tremendous boost towards bringing home the gold. Messages of encouragement should include the hashtag #SAOlympicChef.

Heinz Brunner | Manager of South African National Culinary Team.

The South African National Culinary Team brought back a gold medal in the Hot Kitchen section in 2008 – the first gold to be won by South Africa in 16 years. In the same year, the South African National Culinary Team was awarded the official South African team status by the Department of Arts and Culture’s Bureau of Heraldry.

The 2016 Culinary Olympics will take place from 22 to 25 October in Erfurt, Germany, with 32 countries competing. The teams will have five-and-a-half hours to prepare their three-course menus to serve 110 people.

Hashtag your support #SAOlympicChef!

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