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Spiced Weasel reviews Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen #DineJoziStyle

There is a new buzzword in lonehill, a call to action, one simple word to drive the sensations to a new taste and entertainment experience, the word is “let’s”. Let’s Meat, Let’s Brew, Let’s Deli!

The Lonehill Shopping Center has recently been transformed, a new mega food and entertainment venue is set to stir up the market, set to take family dining by the horns, Let’s Meat, Let’s Brew, Let’s Deli  and their restaurant Antonnio’s Italian kitchen are sure to have something for everyone.

The Venue
Situated right next to the Lonehill waterfront, the venue has one of the most spectacular and relaxing views you will find anywhere in Johannesburg, be it from the deck of Let’s Meat or Let’s Deli, or right next to the lake at Let’s Brew and Antonnio’s Italian kitchen, you feel at ease, one with African Nature.

Let’s Brew and Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen are nestled in the back of the shopping center, and this is one of my gripes. If you don’t know about the place, it can be easily missed, a shame given how much it has to offer. To get to Let’s Brew or Antonnio’s Itallian kitchen you need to go through Let’s Meat or Let’s Deli, it’s like being Indiana Jones on search for the Sacred Beer and Pizza. There is no signage advertising Let’s Brew or Antonnio’s Itallian kitchen, for someone who does not know the venues are there, they will miss it.

Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen has grey, white plastered walls which feel unfinished, if the attempt is to go for a old italian feel, then the walls require an additional aged look. Right now, it just feels like time ran out. The booths are welcoming and comfortable.

On the Lets’ Brew side you see something interesting, something unique, Beer kegs being converted into bar stools and I like it. The bar is well laid out and the wooden finishes provide that authentic bar feeling.

A massive play area for the kids (and even their parents) is available. Makes me wanna be a kid again, from the massive kids jungle gym, to the mini soccer field and even an arcade, the kids will not get bored.

The Drink
Since a human can only survive 3 days without a drink, we need to get to the important stuff first. Having Let’s Brew as part of the group means there is craft beer (I have angels singing in my head). More importantly, they have a signature craft beer not available anywhere else, a nice and refreshing Light Lager. The Light Larger is something that works perfectly on a hot Highveld day; it’s cool, crisp refreshing and light on the hops, making it easy drinking.

Other craft beers supplied by Black Horse Brewing are also available on tap, from a golden lager, to a full bodied imperial pale ale and even a rich dark honey porter, no matter the weather, no matter the mood, there is a beer for you.

For the non-beer drinkers, a Ginger Berry went down very well, Ginger beer with a refreshing berry blast. A natural ginger beer is also available for when you just want to kill that thirst.

Wine, soft drinks and commercial beers are also available should you just want to go back to basics.

The Food
The real reason we go out, for good food. Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen is focused on delivering family friendly food, food that relaxes and does not attempt to be pretentious. The focus is on the family, from young children to their grandparents and the menu delivers.

The pizzas are rustic Italian style pizzas who not rely on gimmicky crusts or sauces to add flavour, they do pizza right by allowing the ingredients to shine. No Overly cheesed pizza here, only real, true flavors on a thin based oval bread.

If ingredients were allowed to marry, Antonnio’s Pizza oven would be where they meet.
Spiced Weasel

Where Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen stands out from its competition is that the food is prepared fresh. A Lot of the Family Venue franchises prepare their food in a factory, freeze it and ship it to their restaurants, where is it reheated. When it comes to Pasta, you don’t just want something from a packet with some reheated sauce thrown on it. The pasta at Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen tastes authentic, the sauce traditional, it’s what you want from a Pasta Dish.

Another must try at Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen is their Gammon Burger, a beer in one hand, a gammon burger in the other, if they fed this at the UN, there would be world peace.

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Photo credits: Marc Arndt.

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