Special Ghost Tour For Public On “Friday The 13th” In Cullinan!

Mark Rose-Christie (owner & creator of the dinners)

Although the Mystery Ghost Hunt only runs for corporate & private groups, the public is in for a triple threat in the quaint village of Cullinan. Not only will the Mystery Ghost Hunt run once-off for the pubic, but on “Friday The 13th” of March for those who are mindful ‘Friggatriskaidekaphobiacs’, and where for the first time the public will be allowed to enter a Freemason Lodge, rather than just the usual haunted house.

Guided by the country’s leading illusionist & paranormalist, who created South Africa’s famous Mystery Ghost Bus, the inimitable & scarily dramatic, Mark Rose-Christie himself – this once-off pubic event will see the public enter one of the country’s oldest & most prestigious Freemason lodges for the first time, the Premiere Diamond Lodge – which has a curious time capsule buried in its walls, and a symbolic artefact beneath its floorboards related to the time of King Herod. This, along with an unusual un-marked grave outside, where one detects a distinct ‘cold spot’, which even the most hard-nosed skeptics feel.

For years ghost hunters have flocked in their hundreds to the abandoned Kempton Park Hospital in Johannesburg, but nothing beats the far older abandoned hospital in Cullinan with its equally as old mortuary, where guests will be shown how to download ghost hunting apps onto their cell phones, to detect entities aplenty.

As if this is not enough to send a tingle down your spine, a tragic-romantic story at the old railway station guarantees one to ‘see’ the Lantern Lady on the tracks, whilst higher up on Oak Avenue comes the story of two Crisis Ghosts at the Ampath laboratory – this sandstone historic building with its decorative architecture once housing one of the senior personnel of the famous diamond mine, which produced the world’s largest gem-quality diamond ever – the Cullinan Diamond.

Nearby is ye olde Anglican Church with the spectre of Lady Anne Cullinan and a mysterious golden piece of treasure buried in the stone wall of the pulpit. Opposite the road is the old Recreation Club where Italian Prisoners of War once performed plays on its stage, where an entity known as a Revenge Ghost has seen even the most bravest of paranormal investigation teams like Phoenix Paranormal flee the area under the stage, where a dastardly murder was committed long ago by one of the prisoners due to a squabble over a woman which two prisoners fancied simultaneously.

En-route guests come to learn what Poltergeist Phenomena really is, and how it is created by emotionally disturbed humans beings via a process known as Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinesis or R.S.P.K. for short – where Rose-Christie also explains the science of parapsychology along with some scientific paranormal demonstrations, whilst guests get to use dowsing rods. And then, to the astonishment of all, Rose-Christie bends their keys right before their very eyes, using Psycho-Kinesis.

At the town’s well-known haunted four-way crossing, comes the story of a phantom stagecoach which once transported people in the old days to & from town, whilst along the road between Cullinan and Rayton are a plethora of Phantom Road Hitchhikers, where guests are encouraged not to stop anywhere near the area on their way to the graveyard at midnight to hear about a horrendous mining accident dating back to the early 1900s, and a Replay Ghost at the grave of boy who sadly died at a mere 5 months old. After a gruesome graveside tale which remains a secret until you join the hunt, comes one of Rose-Christie’s well-known scary climactic endings, with a thrilling visual climax to boot.

There is much more to the hunt though, and at R 600 per person – which includes dinner & dessert at 6pm – this once-off event for the public is one not to be missed. The hunt runs from 7pm to midnight, where guests wanting to stay over to enjoy all the activities, shops, restaurants & pubs which Cullinan offers the next day, can take advantage of the recommended quaint guest houses, boutique B&B’s and atmospheric country lodges, all listed with contact details on the hunt’s website at www.MysteryGhostBus.co.za which also provides additional details, the full route, and where one books directly on the site.

any have seen Rose-Christie in action on television, heard him on radio, whilst over the past 21 years, thousands have joined his many types of ghost productions countrywide … some have even come back alive!

Visit www.MysteryGhostBus.co.za.

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