SodaStream introduces brand-sparkling-new flavours to make anyone’s water exciting @sa_sodastream #WaterMadeExciting

For generations, families have enjoyed making sparkling water in the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s the variety in flavour, the confidence of enjoying a healthy drink and staying hydrated or simply a splendid choice of kitchen accessory.

Driving innovation and on trend with what consumers are wanting, Sodastream new range of modern flavours will ensure that every household has exciting and refreshing flavours at their fingertips – whether you are at-home entertaining, poolside fun for the kids or grabbing a refreshing drink after gym, it’s the perfect hydration solution.

Consumers are always looking for healthier alternatives and new delicious innovations. SodaStream is perfectly aligned to take advantage of this trend, which is why we have made our new offerings healthier and reinvented our packaging.
Hugh Wilson | SodaStream SA Commercial Director

SodaStream has always been the perfect choice to ensure a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. Owning a sodasteam machine will increase your water consumption by 3 glasses daily with just a simple touch of a button which means anyone can turn ordinary water into fresh flavoured sparkling water in seconds. Water just got more exciting, with these refreshing new flavours.

SodaStream’s new range leaves no one out, with flavours that suit everyone’s taste and lifestyle choice. The wide-ranging offering caters for classic to experimental taste buds, including the SodaStream Plus with more fruits and no artificial sweeteners to give you that extra bit of energy for the day ahead, SodaStream Zero for the more sugar conscious individual; and SodaStream Sensations for those who don’t like to live on the plain side of life.

SodaStream Sensations is available in Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Red Apple, Orange Mango, Ice tea peach, Kiwi Pear and Summer Lemon. SodaStream Zero offers fans options in Orange Mango, Cranberry Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Lemonade and Lime. The Sodastream Plus Vita comes in Cranberry and Orange. Plus, there are still the existing SodaStream Classic flavours in Cream Soda, Diet Cola, Crafted Cola, Tonic and Xstream Energy!

Everyone can have a sensorial experience with the unique flavours at their convenience, with less sugar and more taste. Water truly made exciting!

Visit www.sodastream.co.za.

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