Social media is the most cost-efficient way of marketing your business.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

It’s the ideal platform for small businesses but even multinational corporations are reducing their marketing budgets because social media marketing can yield better results at a fraction of the price. Obviously, companies are investing more time and money into their social media campaigns to increase their market share. It’s not rocket science but it’s not effortless either, which where a social media strategist can create the best social media marketing strategy that suits your business and your budget.

Social Media Simplified

Social media is about people connecting online through their preferred social networks.

The most popular social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, but social media can also include blogs and forums; while the more aggressive commercial strategies can include online advertising and email marketing.

Social media is a great marketing tool that businesses are using to leverage their online exposure. Unfortunately, the online community is not allowing you to enter their social space to sell your products, so your strategy better not be another sales pitch as much as it is an opportunity for you to engage people with your brand.

Social Media Perfected

A social media consultant can assist you with a quantifiable online marketing strategy but you should consider what your expectations are before engaging their services.

Myth: Social media is the most effective online marketing tool, and it’s free!

Fact: Social media is about building relationships with people but it’s not free marketing, because it’s neither marketing nor free but it can increase profits.

Opinion: As people become more discerning expect your social media strategy to become more demanding, not easier.

Social Media Online

Unless you’re online you don’t exist, because social media is online, it’s time you got online.

Social media marketing allows you to market yourself locally or internationally. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a guest house to South Africa or cat litter in Vereeniging.

Companies are outsourcing their social media marketing because they don’t have the resources to manage them to their full potential. This is when they contact me; either to initiate, direct or manage their social media marketing, because they know that irrespective of their location I am always available online.

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