Is Skin689 the new contender to knockout cellulite?

Ladies, at some stage in your life you might have to confront the dreaded “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” that takes illegal residence on your hips, butt and other parts of your body. Once more, you have either spent a fortune on failed treatments or tried everything on the shelves and have just given up. Thankfully by the grace of the cosmetic gods there is salvation, in the form of skin689! A cream whose main life purpose is to dedicate itself to combating the vandalism caused by cellulite. What’s even better is that it is now available in South Africa!

In the interests of full disclosure: I do not have cellulite, so I cannot testify to it’s efficacy, which is why I asked a few of my lady friends if they had cellulite. The response was a resounding “No!”

It was a resounding “No!” until I mentioned that I had received a sample of the latest cellulite busting treatment from QMS Medicosmetics: Skin689 AG. Suddenly I had friends who had friends who had cellulite who they could ask to be my guinea pig!

80–90 % of all women suffer from cellulite and are looking for effective treatment. With skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite, we offer them an innovative verifiably effective product based on the unique active-ingredient complex CHacoll®. ~ Roger Herzog, CEO skin689 AG

I can say that I love the smell. It’s got a light refreshing fragrance reminiscent of Aloe Vera gel but didn’t interfere with my aftershave. It also absorbs quite rapidly and doesn’t feel sticky. I’m tempted to use it as a moisturiser.

I was quite intrigued by the name, so I contacted Renate Klass, Managing Director of FutureThis, who imports skin689 AG, who explained that 689 was chosen according to feng shui principles and their meaning as Chinese lucky numbers:

6 – Smooth, flawless, promising.
8 – Wealth, abundance.
9 – Forever, long lived.

The product information explains that Skin689 AG is a young Swiss cosmetic company specialising in the development and production of active-ingredient based skin creams. In 2014, the company successfully launched its first product on the Swiss market: the skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite. The cream is based on the innovative active-ingredient complex CHacoll®, which was developed for use in cosmetics in co-operation with renowned active-ingredient partners and is produced by Geocosm SA in Switzerland.

With skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite as well as with future skin689® products, the efficacy, tolerability and quality is paramount. To ensure highest quality standards from the development to the production and distribution are met, skin689 AG is working closely with active-ingredient specialists, dermatological institutes and labs as well as with cosmeticians and experts alike.

As of January 2015 skin689 rolled out more than 100 cosmetic studios in Switzerland, exclusively through the specialist trade market.skin689 will develop additional active-ingredient based products and establish an international distribution network with select partners. Due to its quick absorption into the skin, skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite can be applied both morning and evening.

So, does it work?

According to my friend, who made me swear to my death to never, ever to repeat her name under any circumstances in association with cellulite… Yes!

I have used this product every day for over a month, the smell is light, gently, sophisticated, soft, unassuming and so pleasant – I love it and it doesn’t follow you around and make you try to get away from your body.

And it really works– the skin on my thighs was softer to the touch almost immediately and they look so much better after a month of use– also the bottle is 100mls and I’ve been doing ankle to butt daily and somehow there’s still product in the bottle! I do about 7 pumps per leg- greedy me!
~ Name Withheld

Skin689 is available from www.futurethis.co.za.

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