Skin Creamery: A very intelligent capsule skincare range that works for all skin types but flexible enough to adapt for your daily needs. @skincreamery

If you’re looking for great skincare products you will find them if you’re prepared to look for them. Finding the right products is really just a question of trial and error, preference and budget. But, it gets trickier when looking for products that are certified organic and aren’t tested on animals.

I remember this only too well when I was a vegan yoga instructor and I couldn’t in good conscience use products that contained animal ingredients or were tested on animals. There weren’t many too ranges that suited my needs as I found them too greasy or sticky on my skin. Or worse, smelt like nuts or tea-tree oil.
I was pleasantly surprised (and skeptical) when Skin Creamery invited me to review their products.

I liked the appearance of the products but I thought the range looked a bit limited. I was also reluctant to play around with products that contained so many essential oils as I am prone to oily skin that is easily irritated, but I figured if I didn’t like them for my face I could use them on my hands and feet.

I initially thought that the FACIAL CLEANSING POWDER would be a fidgety mess to use, but within two days I found it relatively effortless to dispense and equally effortless to mix it with some water in the palm of my hand to my desired consistency. Interestingly, I found with sufficient water it forms a soothing emulsion that gently exfoliates, removes oils and debris, and left my skin feeling refreshed and matte. Another bonus is that it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or dehydrated.

The Skin Creamery FACIAL CLEANSING POWDER can be used as a facemask simply by making a thicker paste or by mixing with honey. I was also wary that it would be too coarse and irritate my skin, but I also enjoyed using it as a gentle scrub because the powder is quite fine without being overly abrasive – obviously use a gentle massaging motion to spread the product rather than scrubbing aggressively.

Overall, a great product with three uses, and you will be surprised at how long it lasts because a little goes a long way. Retails for R250.

The Skin Creamery SKIN TONIC is packed with anti-aging vitamins, minerals, omega oils, and rosewater. It’s more than an astringent toner as it balances and refreshes your skin – and I found it worked beautifully after my morning shaving instead of moisuring. I think men who are reluctant to tone and moisturise would appreciate that they can enjoy both benefits from the SKIN TONIC.

I also enjoyed using the SKIN TONIC during the day if my skin was feeling tired or dry as (I think) it can be used over a moisturiser. The directions say that three pumps is sufficient for your face and neck, but I didn’t mind splashing extra over my body and to massage into my hands and cuticles. (I’m too lazy for handcream so excess moisturiser has to do the trick!) Retails for R420.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but I find that despite having an oily skin, I find a cream cleanser and the occasional application of tissue oil keeps oily skin at bay. The Skin Creamery FACIAL HYDRATING OIL works like magic because you apply a few drops to your skin, then massage the oil into your skin with wet hands. the water helps to break down the oil molecules to penetrate your skin. Your skin will feel enriched and nourished.

I used the FACIAL HYDRATING OIL intermittently during summer, but I know it is going to be indispensable for the highveld winters.

I give the Skin Creamery FACIAL HYDRATING OIL double points because although it can only be used sparingly, it also doubles as a cuticle oil and a pre-shampoo hair treatment if your hair is dry or coarse. I imagine women (I don’t know of any men who use body lotion) would use it as a body lotion too or add it to their body lotion for extra nourishment. Retails for R295.

The EVERYDAY CREAM literally lives up to its name – and every night. Its surprisingly refreshing upon application but leaves your skin feeling pampered and nourished. I find it perfect for day and night; I might use it on its own in the morning after the SKIN TONIC, but would also use it after or in conjunction with the FACIAL HYDRATING OIL. I also love the fresh unisex aroma of creamy coconut (one of my favourites) without smelling like a suntan lotion.

I do find it dispenses too much product for my face, but there’s no harm extending it to your neck (or decollete), and using it on your hands or other parts of your body in need of some moisturising. retails for R285)

If you’re concerned about the environment or using artificial products on your skin, Skin Creamery will address all your needs without using Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Propylene Glycol, petroleum by-products or synthetic fragrances. If you’re not too concerned about what goes into your skincare products, you will find Skin Creamery’s products afford you great skincare without plaguing your concience – and the results speak for themselves.

Overall Verdict: A very intelligent capsule skincare range that works for all skin types but flexible enough to adapt for your daily needs.

Visit www.skincreamery.co.za.

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