Delicious Q&A with Siba Mntongana @SibaMtongana @FoodNetworkSA

  1. What prep goes into planning for a festival such as Delicious?

A lot as you can imagine because it’s a proper food and music festival. On my side, once the concept has been agreed on and finalized with Food Network I then start the process of to create amazing content of what I want to share with my audience. Last year it was coming up with different recipes and teaching people cool tips and tricks in the kitchen. This often include getting chefs and others to assist in getting ingredients and other things for the demonstrations. This year it’s a little different, fun and exciting. I’m looking forward to it. 

2.What can fans expect to see on the Food Network stand this year?

I love teaching, sharing information and making cooking easy and accessible. So I’ll be sharing tips and tricks of how to entertain effortlessly at home. As well as how to make your food look spectacular using props (plates, crockery, glasses, etc.) as that is one of the many things I specialize in. 

3.What musical acts are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?

The Jackson 4 

4.What are you most looking forward to at the 2016Delicious Festival?

Interacting with my fans and signing My table to those who purchase it. 

5.Congratulations on the announcement of your third season, can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming series?

We are adding a bit more vavavoom on the show and came up with new exciting ideas that will teach and entertain our audience but with delightful surprise elements. I can’t tell much at this point as we are in pre-productions and things are still top secret until filming. So watch the space, it’s really going to be super exciting.

6.Travel Channel is also going to be at Delicious Festival this year, what is one destination you have always wanted to go to, and have never been to?

I haven’t been to Paris yet! I know it maybe sound like a cliché but which girl doesn’t dream of going the love capital city of the world? 

7.How high is food on your priority list when choosing a holiday destination?

#Number1 I remember each country mostly by it’s food, people and beauty! I’m that order 

8.People from all around the globe are tuning in to Food Network to catch their daily dose of Siba what is it in your opinion that makes your show so universal?

It’s different elements that attract different viewers. I always try to make my recipes as easy as can be. I also insist on using accessible and readily available ingredients too so that people can easily to make the recipes at home. So people love that.

The family angle of the show is what most also like too. People write to me all the time telling me how they enjoy seeing us as a family unit and how they appreciate the support that my husband gives me. Others just simple love my nunubies – parents and non-parents – which is sweet. 

The production quality of the show is absolutely beautiful and the show is very well shot. I must mention that the production team that I work with is really top notch in this business globally as they work with the likes of Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and many other big food rock stars! 

Others love Food Network and watch any program they air. And then some people love the beautiful scenery of Cape Town as it’s truly magnificent. Others just say they like me as a person as I’m calm yet passionate and I spark an inner drive for them to cook. 

9.Local is always lekker, what is your favourite local dish?

Many, hard to chose but I’d go for my boerie bobotie (also available in my cookbook, My Table)

10.What’s next for Siba Mtongana?

Touring the USA the day after the Delicious Festival as I’ve been invited to be a key note speaker in Las Vegas to a Stop Hunger Now event. 

11.The Jackson 4 are headlining this years Delicious Festival, if you had the opportunity what would you cook for them?

I’ll first do an in depth research as to what kind of food they like and don’t like and if they have any allergies to any foods. Then I create a menu with a few South African ingredients for them to cook. I always first do my research before cooking for anyone because there is nothing more embarrassing than to offer the best cut of meat to pescatarian or vegan! 

12.What is your favourite Food Network show?

As Cheesy as it may sound – we love watching Siba’s table with the kids. We love it especially my little ones! Lonwabo calls everything that is delicious VaVaVoom – which is so cute. I also like the Man Fire Food.

13.What is your favourite Travel Channel show?

Bizarre Foods ?



1.One ingredient I ALWAYS have in my kitchen is, so many and garlic is one of them.

2.If I had to prepare one dish for the rest of my life, it would be, Mphokoqo – traditional dish – crumbly maize meal porridge with maas (sour milk) as the taste never grows old and for sentimental reasons.

3.My top hosting tip is, plan and prepare ahead of time so you can spend quality time with your guests and loved ones instead of slaving away and missing out on the fun!

4.You would be surprised to know that I do not eat, snails 

5.The most bizarre thing I have ever eaten is, bizarre to many is chicken feet and mopane worms. 

6.I am terrified of, Mmm snake and eel 

7.My favourite local restaurant is, chef’s warehouse in Bree Street. 

8.If I auditioned for Idols I would sing, I would not audition for idols ?

9.My favourite holiday destination are, coastal parts of Africa. We love East Africa. Beautiful and exotic 

10.You need to catch me on Food Network, DStv Channel 175, because, my recipes are simple and stunning and very Sibalicious!!! 

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