Sportron products have been developed by combining the best of nature with leading science. Sportron takes nature’s gifts as inspiration and blends it with high science and true innovation. Each product is carefully formulated.

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THE SPORTRON ADVANTAGE: Nutritional Intelligence

Sportron products have been carefully formulated to help maintain overall wellness and assist in certain conditions. The nutrient formulations are among the best in the world and comply with legal requirements.

The superior nutrient formulations incorporate the breakthrough FoodState® technology which ensures that the body recognises nutrients in their natural form as if they were consumed from food.

The Uniqueness of FoodState® Technology

• The nutrients are bio-available to the body.
• The nutrients are better absorbed by the body as the body recognises them as natural.
• They are delivered to the right targeted areas in the body for optimal effect.
• The body retains the nutrients longer (up to 9 times) for better utilisation by the cells.


Sportron is the ONLY brand that offers the best of science and nature in a range of unique health and wellness products that incorporate the breakthrough and unique FoodState® technology.

What is FoodState®?
FoodState® nutrients are the most important advance in nutrition today.

A unique new generation of vitamins and minerals molecularly bonded to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats) in a complex food matrix. This is how they are found in natural foods and this is the form in which they can be best utilised by the body.

These nutrients are absorbed more effectively than other products containing inorganic salts and are retained up to 16 times longer by the body. In addition, their food form targets them for specific metabolic processes and so increases their utility.

FoodState® nutrients are absorbed as readily as food and remain in the body far longer and they need only be taken in conservative amounts.

Scientific Studies
Over 50 independent scientific studies show improved and optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals when they are in the form of food.

Absorption is Everything!
It does not matter what gets put into your mouth, what goes into your digestive system and then into your bloodstream. What matters is what is finally absorbed into your cells. With FoodState® proprietary technology, the vitamins and minerals get to where it matters.

Targeted Delivery
Synthetically isolated vitamins and minerals are generally poorly absorbed by the body. Then, the little that is taken in, could also be deposited in wrong areas of the body with adverse consequences. Calcium, for example, belongs in your bones, not in your arteries! FoodState® supplements on the other hand, are directed to the organs and cells via protein carriers – ending up at the right place… like a natural GPS in the body.


Bio – refers to life or the human body. So, saying that FoodState® nutrients are bioavailable means they are available for the body to use.

FoodState® nutrients are already complexed with the necessary compatible organic materials to make them bioavailable to the human body, which therefore recognises them as food and not as an inorganic substance.

FoodState® nutrients are food.
They differ from vitamins and minerals mixed with food.
FoodState® nutrients are better absorbed, retained and utilised than inorganic nutrients.
Vitamins and minerals must be consumed in a true food form for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. And that’s where FoodState® nutrients come in.

Prof. J Vinson of Scranton University in Pennsylvania, an independent scientist, demonstrated that ascorbic acid (the isolated form of vitamin C) is retained in the body for approximately 2 hours. In contrast, FoodState® vitamin C complex was retained in the body for approximately 18 hours. Longer retention in the body means better utilisation and not just expensive urine.

Less is More!
Only conservative amounts of FoodState® vitamins and minerals need to be taken since they’re absorbed into the cells (like food), and are retained in the body considerably longer than conventional isolated vitamins and minerals. With FoodState® you do not have to risk your body’s wellbeing by taking mega doses of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Intelligence
Your body is an incredibly intelligent organism, capable of completing millions of functions in the blink of an eye. So it’s only logical to expect that a person’s supplement intake is as intelligent as the body it is benefiting. Sportron’s range of vitamin and mineral products with its breakthrough FoodState® technology presents vitamins and minerals in a form that the body knows, recognises, absorbs and uses.

Now that’s Nutritional Intelligence!

What is NOT FoodState®?

Normal food, is just that – food. It is not FoodState® technology. For example, soya is a natural food product. It is not a FoodState® product where the nutrients are concentrated in food complexes with specific glycoprotein carriers.

Herbal products are not FoodState® technology products. Herbal products can be very supportive to the body. But they are not concentrated food complexes with specific glycoprotein carriers, as the FoodState® products have.

FoodstateChelated minerals (minerals usually combined with 2 amino acids to help absorption) are not FoodState® technology and never will be! for 3 reasons:

Chelated minerals do not consist of the mineral with a specific peptide combination, whereas FoodState® minerals each have their own specific glycoprotein peptide sequence, not one size fits all.

Chelated minerals have a weak bond between the amino acid and the mineral, which breaks easily in the digestive system before the mineral gets to the cells.

Chelated minerals are not bonded to other food elements as they are in FoodState®. For example, a FoodState® mineral complex contains bound carbohydrates, glycoproteins and fats. That is, a concentrated mineral enhanced food.

Vitamins and minerals mixed with some kind of food material are not FoodState® nutrients. Some products claim that vitamins and minerals are in a food form or a food matrix, yet these nutrients are typically physically mixed with some food material. They remain chemical isolates as it is like mixing sand and salt together. Sand and salt will never bond and become one. There is no bound food complex as with FoodState® nutrients, where the vitamin or mineral is bound to glycoproteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes and bioflavonoids.

FoodState® is not a live yeast product. At the beginning of the proprietary process of creating FoodState® nutrients, in some cases, baker’s yeast, the oldest species of yeast is used. At other times, depending on the vitamin or mineral, a yoghurt or citrus pulp may be used. These substrates are used to get the nutrient into a food form, but at the end of the process, no live yeast is present – just a brand new FoodState® vitamin or mineral food complex.


You can return your goods for a full refund within 7 days of purchasing, providing the items are unopened, unused and not damaged. All Sportron products carry a 90-day product quality guarantee and if you are in any way dissatisfied with the product please contact us at shop@jozistyle.joburg.

Always keep your receipt and use it as a reference when you engage with us.


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