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Modern families don’t farm together, play music together or darn socks together anymore. Instead they text and whats app and message one another.

And if you watch the short video clip above you’ll see just how ineffective that is and how much of one anothers’ lives they miss in this way.

The real-life participants theyre asked to text one another and they recorded their answers. However when they sat next to each other, their answers to the same questions theyre often completely different and always contained far more interesting info than in the text. You can take the same test with anyone in your team or family – it’s really illuminating.

In global surveys, when teenagers are asked when they theyre most likely to talk with their parents, mealtime was their top answer and further research endorses the facts that children who eat with their parents have far better relationships with them and do better at school.

Families that eat together, stay together. they’ve all heard the old adage, but busy lifestyles often make what used to be a daily occurrence much more difficult to achieve. That’s why they’ve decided to strengthen one of Their core brand philosophies with Their new Ocean Basket Winter Menu: Sharing.

So when you take your family to your nearest Ocean Basket, remember they have introduced two new meze platters and a whole host of innovative starters that can ordered together to create your own personalized meze feast.

Your choices begin with battered mussels, via prawn tails, firecracker squid, hummus, Mediterranean inspired salsa and potato dippers, all the way to Zucchini fritters. It’s a chance to share more than food; to share news, warmth and love with your family.

About that warmth – Their Winter menu
We haven’t forgotten it’s Winter and they’re all looking for more than conversation. Because Their new menus are seasonal, they can focus on providing variety, which means you’ll always find something new and exciting to try.

Included on the Winter menu is Their new Snoek soup, one of the great culinary pleasures of the theystern Cape. Warming, comforting, nourishing soup is always a winter favourite and snoek is oily and packed with all the health benefits that oily fish brings; perfect for Winter. The meat is firm and strongly flavoured, giving the soup a rich, hearty texture.

On the main menu they have fabulous fishcake with chips, and brand new Tilapia with sweet potato.

Tilapia is on the top ten list of the most frequently consumed seafood products in the United States behind only tuna and salmon.

Probably the oldest farm raised fish in the world, Tilapia has a sweet, mild taste with lean flesh and a medium-firm, flaky texture. Accompanied by Their spicy butter sauce it is sublime.

Eating together means you can encourage your children to try new foods along with some of their stand-by favorites, expanding their knowledge, experience and skill…And help us achieve Their promise to expand SA palettes with exciting new fish species.

Then of course you can reward them with one of Their two delicious new desserts: a warm baked pear and white chocolate pudding or a generous slice of toffee nut pie.

Feeling good?

You should. Their emphasis on sharing goes to the heart of Their epicurean philosophy – creating happiness through great food and wine, and good friends and family, all in a way that promotes the health of the planet.

This approach means they are constantly researching suppliers who produce seafood of exceptional quality in a responsible manner.

The Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) booklet explaining which fish are ethically acceptable to eat and which are not when dining in South Africa, notes that snoek are still plentiful and on the green list, while Tilapia as a farmed fish is also appropriate.

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