Scottish Leader whisky stands tall & proud #WhiskyJoziStyle @ScottishLeader

Scottish Leader whisky stands tall & proud #WhiskyJoziStyle @ScottishLeader


Scottish Leader, one of the world’s favourite blended Scotch whiskies, sold in 60 countries,
has revitalised with a new look, an enhanced recipe with an increased single malt content, for what is now positioned as Scottish Leader Original, and the introduction of an additional, very premium blend called Scottish Leader Signature.

These blends of top malt and grain whiskies are crafted by Scottish master distiller, Ian MacMillan. Ian, who has over 40 years’ experience, takes on an artisan approach to distilling, shunning modern technology in favour of blending with passion and an eye for perfection. His signature on each bottle is his personal guarantee of the commitment and high values he brings to the ancient art of whisky blending.

Scottish Leader Original has a warm, honey sweet and delicately smoky taste with a silky smooth finish. The core elements of the blend familiar to Scottish Leader lovers have been retained. The composition of the blend has just been finessed, by increasing the single malt component, to give it greater richness and balance. It remains immediately recognisable to those who have come to love Scottish Leader.

The new, sophisticated Scottish Leader Signature has a more pronounced island malt influence than the Original, with a layered, rich, smoky profile.

Both whiskies appeal to experienced blended drinkers and newcomers, whether enjoyed neat or with a mixer.

The new, refreshed packaging is influenced by its proud Scottish heritage. It is modern, tall and proud, showcasing the new soaring eagle brand icon, an inherently Scottish symbol which conveys success, vision and power – the characteristics of a great leader and the essence of the Scottish Leader brand.

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Download the tasting notes here: Scottish Leader Original+Signature tasting notes

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