School of Etiquette launches Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass @schoolofetiquet

School of Etiquette launches Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass

A new three-day Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass has been launched at the School of Etiquette & Business Protocol. This is the only school in AFRICA to cover such intense and extremely vital courses.

The International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass is an intensive three-day course, where diplomats, government officials and their assistants, politicians, companies involved with international organisations, ministries, personal assistants and virtually every business looking to succeed in an international arena, are taught the intricacies of diplomatic protocol.

It is immensely satisfying for us to see the transformation of course attendees as they become so charismatic in their approach to business and people once schooled in the detail of appropriate protocol.
~ Courtenay Carey, CEO of the School of Etiquette

  • The course includes all aspects of diplomacy and protocol, from state visits and the correct flag placement, to seating protocol, conference organising, introductions, arrival, welcome and departure management of parties in particular locations and airports. Ignorance in handling such protocols does not only cause offence to one’s guests or hosts, it brings everlasting dishonour to one’s country or organisation.

Social intelligence and international business etiquette do not come naturally to anyone and neither does entertaining and dining protocols, which form a further prerequisite to long-standing respect and success. These skills are covered in this intensive Masterclass.

One of the many glowing testimonials for the Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass includes:

I am still talking about how amazing my training experience with The School of Etiquette was. It was great to meet you all. Thank you for being such gracious hosts and treating me so royally. I enjoyed everything, from the exquisite meals, the venue, the training material, the warm hospitality and everything in between! The level of content and delivery not just meets International Standards but exceeds it. I want more.
A. Singh

Two of the biggest law firms in South Africa recently completed staff training by the School of Etiquette & Business Protocol, proving they are not complacent about their current strong positions in the world of business. The School offers comprehensive courses for aviation, management, law and accounting.

Cultural, corporate and professional gaps must be bridged for people and businesses to become successful, remain successful and create further success into the future. This is why educated people in China and the USA are lining up to acquire the necessary soft skills of business diplomacy and protocol to compete in the international, as well as their local, arenas.

The School of Etiquette teaches individuals the social and people skills to interact comfortably and confidently in any social, diplomatic and business environment.

Studies have proven students with extremely high IQ’s have less success later on in life than students who scored average grades in their IQ tests. This reflects on EQ (emotional intelligence) often proving more successful than high IQs. In fact 85% of your financial success is due to your soft skills and only 15% due to your academic knowledge– this is according to Stanford Research institute, Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation.

  • Courses at The School of Etiquette and Business Protocol include:
    Business Entertaining and Dining
    Business Etiquette and Behavior
    Executives Finishing School
    Conversational Intelligence
    Corporate Image
    International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass
    Success Seminars
    Workplace Assimilation & Business Etiquette
    Workplace Happiness

Courtenay was educated at the Protocol School of Washington and Europrotocol (Belgium), prior to which she obtained a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PDE), plus an Online Marketing Short Course at UCT; she coached as a Neuro-linguistics Practitioner. She has worked as a waitress, sports coach, assistant hotel manager, marketing manager, and entrepreneur, all of which she believes led to her realising her dream of joining in this family decision to prepare people to handle life in a more gracious and universally acceptable manner – through good manners.

Contact the South African School of Etiquette & Business Protocol at www.etischool.co.za
Facebook: The School of Etiquette; Twitter: @schoolofetiquet.

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