School of Etiquette & Business Protocol in South Africa offering free information during the month of May!

During these difficult times and cultural differences in SA being in the spotlight, the only School of Etiquette & Business Protocol in South Africa is offering free information during the month of May!

Courtenay Carey, CEO of The School of Etiquette is the only internationally accredited etiquette and protocol coach in Africa and based in Sandton. The School of Etiquette’s mission is to help people understand the expected levels of behavior so that they can perform confidently and competently bringing people from diverse cultures up to an equal playing field with people from all backgrounds. Social intelligence accounts for most of your financial success in life and yet we have no consistent standard of teaching nor measuring this aptitude. The School of Etiquette has decided to empower people in the month of May through launching an information campaign to celebrate our birthday. We invite you to make use of our free information give away as our vision is to create an empowered country which understands the expected level of behavior and how to use this knowledge as a strong foundation for greater business success.

The campaign will offer you the opportunity to talk on the below topics or on any topic you may feel is of interest.

Suggested topics include:

· Cultural Eye Contact- To drop your eyes or not? Understanding the subtleties of eye contact.
· Self-Esteem- The Key to SA’s Success. Why many South Africans suffer from a low self-esteem.
· Body Language for Power in the Workplace.
· How to influence someone in under 5 Minutes.
· The Real way to Network a Room.
· Business Card Protocol- What is that?
· Can’t think of anything to say ever? The Key to Small Talk.
· Oh She Said It – Wrong topics of conversation.
· Handshake the first physical impression – do you have it down?
· The Fine Art of the Dinner Party Preparation.
· Food to Eat with Your Hands.
· Body Positioning that Makes You Feel Powerful.
· Cell phone etiquette, the demise of Human Connection- Will human interaction survive?

Can you afford to allow your children to spend Endless hours on Tablets, Computers and Cell phones? What does this do for their development?
· Online Etiquette – Your career depends on it
· Your dress defines who you are
· First impression takes place in 5 seconds – how do you control this?
· Social success equals financial success

Having interviewed Courtenay Carey twice on my radio show at Radio Today Johannesburg, I can testify that she is one lady who walks the walks and talks the talk, graciously. Attending any of her courses will be an investment in your personal and professional development.

Should you wish to discuss any of these contextual topics please contact www.etischool.co.za.

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    I would like to know if you are offering online studies for people interested with Business Protocol and Etiquette.



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