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The Satyagraha House is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with YSWARA to create its own bespoke wellness tea.

The Satyagraha House, a fairly recent addition to Johannesburg’s heritage scene, commonly known as Gandhi House, is a museum and guest house located in Orchards, Johannesburg. It is tranquil, peaceful and contemplative spot where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of the philosophies of Gandhi. Satyagraha was the name given to the philosophy of passive resistance developed by Gandhi.

Designed and built in 1907 by architect Hermann Kallenbach, Gandhi shared the house with Kallenbach between 1908 and 1909. Kallenbach called the original house “The Kraal” in reference to its strong South African design influences. It is built in the style of an African kraal with rondavels and a thatched roof and the public spaces are the exhibition areas where the chapter of Gandhi’s life in South Africa is depicted through simple wooden plaques, photographs, exhibition panels and cotton draperies.

Gandhi’s presence can still be felt in this Johannesburg historical landmark – his principles of asceticism are evident in the minimalist decor and simplicity, all of which combine to create a haven for visitors to the city. There are tranquil spots both in the house and garden conducive to meditation. The guest rooms are decorated in neutral tones; there are no television sets and the restaurant serves only vegetarian meals. There is no entrance fee for South Africans to view the house but a small fee is charged for international visitors. Satyagraha House offers a range of accommodation: Comfort room – from R 2520 to R 3430 |Superior room – from 4180 ZAR to 4970 ZAR |Suite –from R 5640 to R 6700 | Family Cottage – from R 6950 to R 8160; Low-season: January, May to July and November to December|High season: February to April and August to October.

Tea is the most affordable, simple and pleasant way to refresh and enhance natural immune mechanisms, and preserve health and beauty. Each cup of tea is a perfectly balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, biologically active substances that increase vitality and improve health.

The Satyagraha House Tea, an organic caffeine free, premium and exclusive out-of- the-box African tea was created by the luxury African brand YSWARA.

YSWARA produces and retails extraordinary African teas and teatime accessories created with ingredients and narratives from Africa. YSWARA is a socially-responsible African company creating exceptional artisan-made gourmet products that celebrate Africa’s diverse heritage and culture in a contemporary way. The company was launched by Swaady Martin-Leke in December 2012 as a way to reverse the African commodity trap by transforming Africa’s agricultural resources into exceptional gourmet goods. The company aims to create the world’s leading African fine food and gourmet gifts brand. Today, YSWARA offers the world’s largest selection of fine African teas and herbal teas as well as various tea-related accessories. The Alchemy of YSWARA is the blend of an African essence, a contemporary aesthetic and an international distribution. The brand embodies a sophisticated contemporary and urban Africa.

This partnership is like a dream come true. Our products are a symbol of the ingenuity and traditions of the African people and our brand and the company ethos resonates strongly with Gandhi’s message -Satyagraha -the force that is generated through adherence to Truth.
Swaady Martin | YSWARA CEO

The Satyagraha House bespoke blend, a chai Malawian verbena tisane, combines the very best of African teas harvested from various locations around Africa and blended within South Africa; all natural ingredients – cinnamon pieces, black tea, Lemon Verbena, cloves, ginger, Cardamom, Honeybush, Rooibos and Rosebuds, were used to create the finest herbal tea rich in antioxidants and good for releasing blocked nasal airways.

Gandhi had strong views on food and drinks and adopted a minimalistic approach to diet intake, so with that in mind and to respect Gandhi’s views we imagined a brew he would enjoy and created a wellness herbal tea blending warm spices with fragrant verbena from Malawi.
Edna Oberholzer | GM Satyagraha House and Museum

The official launch of the tea will be on Wednesday 21 June, 2017 at the Satyagraha House, Johannesburg, with the international launch taking place in Paris on June 23.

The launch will run throughout the day from 10.30am to 4.30pm with three, two-hour long brunch, lunch and high tea buffet sessions, allowing media specialists, tour operators, delegates and VIP guests to attend at a time that is convenient to them. They will learn more about the tea from YSWARA’s CEO and about Gandhi and the Satyagraha Museum from Edna Oberholzer and Fabrice Dabouineau, CEO of The Satyagraha House and Director of the agency Voyageurs du Monde Africa, the owner company of Satyagraha House.

Satyagraha House, home to Gandhi from 1908 to 1909, is situated in Orchards, Johannesburg and offers a very relaxed peaceful environment where visitors and guests from all over the world are made to feel at home. Feel free to stop by to visit the museum, book a private dinner or spend a night at the House and share a cup of the Satyagraha House bespoke tea.

Visit www.satyagrahahouse.co.za.

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