Introducing The Riboville Collection at the Riboville Boutique Hotel!


The first official event after a long period of self-isolation and the event saw some of Joburg’s finest coming out in droves for the Riboville Collection launch at the Riboville Boutique Hotel.

Also included in the evening was the official opening of the David Tlale flagship store. When asked about his new partnership with the Riboville Collection David Tlale says “ Riboville Collection is a new way of doing things where you don’t just come to the hotel to just sleep and eat but also infuse their lifestyle where the hotel now specializes in catering to their consumer’s interest in art, fashion, and food the George Sinovich way.”

When asked what it means to his brand to be a part of the Riboville Collection David says ‘his brand has always been aspirational but now it’s on a trajectory that makes it viable/accessible to people, the address is right and both brands just fit perfectly together.

He believes the flagship store is about offering a curated consumer experience that is synonymous with the exclusivity and craftsmanship his brand has become known for, servicing their customers with excellence as the Riboville Group does.

David Tlale and Jean du Plessis’ joint exhibition was the opening event for the rebranding of the Riboville Boutique Hotel into an art hotel. This collaboration, that showed how fashion can fuse commercially with art was launched 3 years ago in 2017 as a friendship when Jean moved into the same building. Only now in 2020 have people started wearing collaboration as a distinct way to wear art and be walking brand for the David Tlale brand.

Jean du Plessis’ and David Tlale’s fashion meets art exhibition was titled “Holding on to Each Other.” When asked to share the story of his sculpture exhibition Jean says his titles as well as the stories that detail, where they were derived from, came forth as COVID influenced creativity. He goes on to say the titles alone speak to where his mind was: Balance of Power, Beauty Awakens the Soul to Act, The Extravagance of More, The Extravagance of Less. He goes on to say “The work is a reminder to all of us out there to be mindful of our individual task at hand, together our thoughts in these times with regards to our humanity and selflessness to each other. In this time introspection is key to finding ourselves again and to conduct yourself according to your own strengths and not that of others.”

The other aspect of the Riboville Collection art portfolio is a partnership with The Queen of Art, a privately owned/self-funded collection of South African artists curated by Hlubi Shezi and Mandla Shezi. This partnership will allow the installed works of emerging artists to be bought right off the walls.

The Riboville Collection will provide local fashion and emerging mixed medium artists an opportunity to gain exposure and profit from their works being installed in newly launched Art Hotel Riboville Boutique Hotel, leading restaurants Codfather (Sandton/Waterfall – Nov) and Bowl’d Morningside.

While the primary goal from a business standpoint is to make a profit, the core values are based on art sales and special events providing a vibrant art and fashion environment across the locations that make up the Riboville Group.

The Ribovllle group has already facilitated sales for artists Velaphi to the value of over R2 million during lockdown and aims to replicate that impact through their recently launched art installation project across its three properties.

The founders of the Riboville Collection recognize that Pan-African Art is going through a global renaissance based on its investment potential. For that reason, the founders see it as an opportune time to leverage their database of art investors, enthusiast, aficionados, collectors to garner African Art exposure that facilitates the continuation of emerging artists being able to fulfil their passion profitably.

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