Reza Mahammad calls himself a ‘hybrid torn between two worlds’!

Reza Mahammad calls himself a ‘hybrid torn between two worlds’, due to the combination of his Indian upbringing and British education. Reza entered into the world of cookery at age 16 when he took over the running of the family business, The Star of India Restaurant. Whilst he is primarily an Indian cuisine chef, Reza believes in experimenting with different foods and ingredients from around the world in order to always add new flavours and dimensions to his traditional dishes.

Reza has written two cookbooks over the years, Reza’s Indian Spice and Rice, Spice and All Things Nice, and runs a cookery school, Chez Cartier, in South West France, north of Bordeaux. Reza also has a huge passion for music, believing that ‘A symphony of taste which feeds the senses is like beautiful music which nourishes the soul’. He has filmed four series for Food Network, Reza, Spice Prince of India, Reza, Spice Prince of Vietnam, Reza, Spice Prince of Thailand and Reza’s African Kitchen, in which he explores the diverse cuisine of sub-Saharan Africa.

Reza is presently filming Jenny and Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy with good friend and fellow Food Network star Jenny Morris. Friends from the moment they met, Jenny and Reza are combining their extraordinary knowledge and passion for food by opening the doors of their Food Academy. Jenny and Reza will be teaching six would be chefs to create a delicious feast, along the way passing on inspired hints, tips and techniques on how to cook like a professional, their aim is to demonstrate that with a little know how all of us can produce delicious food.

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