Review: Devil's Due @DevilsDueMovie Should Go Straight to DVD and All Copies Burnt in Hell!

Prepare to be nauseated by Devil’s Due, a truly horrific movie about young newlyweds who discover that they are about are about to become unexpected birth parents to the next reincarnation of Satan. Sadly, the horrific part of this movie is not the reductive storyline or the shakey handcam used to film everything, but that it was ever made in the first place.

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Devil’s Due has a great premise, sensational trailer and dramatic posters but it doesn’t take long to realise that the marketing hype doesn’t match the director’s cut. First flaw is that they’ve copied the “found footage” theme of Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity– which was a novel idea when BWP was first made but has since become a cop-out to produce a low budget film on a smart phone. Secondly, it zooms in on the dull bits but cheats the audience by reducing the thrills and chills to a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment. Finally, you will leave develop motion sickness because the handcam is everywhere except on the characters. If you don’t leave feeling nauseaus because of the hand-cam, you probably will because you paid the full price of a movie ticket.

What does this movie have going for it besides a semi-slick marketing campaign? Good looking actors that are likable but you could do better by watching old holiday videos that a complete stranger left behind at a bus station.

Devil’s Due has been a highly anticipated horror movie, thanks to their social media marketing campaigns which have gone viral, but it truly is one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune to endure. If the director thought the joke would be on the audience thinking this is an obtuse but chilling horror then the joke is on him. To invest any more time in reviewing it would be a waste of time because a quick Google search will confirm it is a reductive load of unimaginative crap.

In the interests of full-disclosure, I eventually left the theatre after 45 minutes of twisting my head sideways to make head or tail of what could have been an ultrasound, demonic possession or an upside down car chase. If anything fantastic unfolds in the second half of this movie then I stand corrected- but I doubt it.
Director Eli Roth has been vocal in his support of the film and in a series of posts on his official Twitter account, wrote “Don’t pre-judge Devil’s Due because Rosemary’s Baby is a ‘holy grail’ movie. It’s so smart, creative, inventive, and fun. Very very scary. The guys at Radio Silence killed it. Devil’s Due is a legit scary, smart, horror film. So many awesome scenes. I loved it.” [Source: Wikpedia]

Clearly, Eli Roth should spend more times watching good movies, and less time making bad ones.

Who will enjoy this movie? Extremely patient teenagers preoccupied with their smartphones.

Highlights: Leaving early!

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