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Promoting your restaurant is as effortless as contacting JoziStyle. Our packages are reasonably priced and can be customized to suit your budget and objectives.

Win Free Restaurant Marketing
For Your Favourite Restaurant
(Worth R15,000)!


JoziStyle is hosting a #DineJoziStyle social media activation at your favourite restaurant- and you're invited.


We believe in supporting local business. This has never been more important for South Africans than today. The COVID pandemic has decimated our hospitality industry and everybody is encouraged to support local business in any way possible. Spend your money, and spread the word, supporting local.


#DineJoziStyle is a social media activation that promotes restaurants online. It’s a powerful marketing tool that engages people through social media with exciting editorial content, fabulous photography and videos, and digital media partners. Our 18,500 followers on social media are affluent, aspirational, and influential. Our social campaigns can reach 350,000 people effortlessly and cost-effectively. #DineJoziStyle raises brand awareness, increases engagement, and delivers tangible results.      


If you're opening a new restaurant, promoting a new menu, or need help marketing your restaurant, you just need #DineJoziStyle because we reach more people at a fraction of the cost of traditional media and marketing.


JoziStyle is offering a bespoke #DineJoziStyle marketing package for your favourite restaurant. All you have to do is nominate them by tagging them on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions. If they win a #DineJoziStyle social media activation you will be the first person to make the guestlist.  


The #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions prize includes a social media activation through an online competition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. A media lunch sponsored by JoziStyle to the value of R3,000 in your favourite restaurant. The #DineJoziStyle event will be followed by a blog post and promotional video.

How To Enter!
There are two ways that you can enter the #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions competition.

1: For JoziStylers:
Share this post and tag your favourite restaurant on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn with the hashtag #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions.

2: For Restaurants:
Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn with the hashtag #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions.


If a JoziStyler wins then they're invited to a #DineJoziStyle hosted at their favourite restaurant.
If a restaurant wins then they get to invite two of their followers to a #DineJoziStyle hosted at their restaurant.

Bonus prize for restaurants participating outside of Johannesburg:
JoziStyle operates remotely so we can promote any restaurant online in South Africa. In the spirit of supporting local restaurants, we will sponsor a meal for two of our followers in your restaurant coupled with a digital marketing campaign. (BTW: We are available to travel if required for future campaigns!)

About JoziStyle
Since 2014, JoziStyle has always associated with five-star, first-class, and front row events. JoziStyle started as a lifestyle radio show but soon established its digital presence as the definitive guide about what to eat, where to go, and who to know. Our content has been featured locally and internationally on radio, television, and in-flight. We've been published in newspapers, magazines, and various online publications. Our digital marketing campaigns for restaurants are based on facts and stats. We're not the final word, we're usually the first!

Follow #DineJoziStyle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions campaign will run from 28 April - 31 May 2021.
Participants may enter as many times as they choose by sharing the #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions hashtag.
All entries using the hashtag #DineJoziStyleRestaurantPromotions will be considered valid.
Only people over the age of 18 years are eligible to enter.
Winners will be randomly selected from all entries by an online random generator.
Winners will be announced by Monday, 6 June 2021 5 PM.
The #DineJoziStyle event will be scheduled and concluded by 30 July 2021.
The prize includes an invite for two people to a #DineJoziStyle at a restaurant of their choice.
The prize for the restaurant includes a digital marketing campaign worth R12,000 and cash spend < R3,000.
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Additional co-sponsors may be included in any campaign.
The winners will be announced on and informed by email.


Congratulations to Liane Hosiosky on winning a #DineJoziStyle social media activation for KCC - La Vie En Rose! 

Thank you to everyone who entered!