Replay: Summer 2015

According to the Replay world view, summer 2015 marks the moment for us to bring out our brave, courageous (in a word, rebellious) selves. Taking a firm stand against any official go-by-the-rules style to embrace a mischievous collection with a keen underground flair. At once insubordinate and precision perfect, the clothes enfold the trailblazing spirit of 1950s and ‘60s subcultures. And so the sassy chic of anticonformist Brit Mods intersects the pure grit of California’s Hot Roadsters.

A fifties good girl mood rocks with all the force of today’s edgy L.A. bad girl scene. This sets the stage for an intriguing cross between retro influence & contemporary cool where high waists, fine pleats, just-above-the-knee skirts, breezy little dresses and Peter Pan collars capture attention in combo with bombers, biker jackets, sweatshirts, mesh knits, fringe and patch decors. Georgette, tulle and lace make modern magic with leather, fleece, denim and derma, while soft blush pinks, gorgeous brights, floral and pindot prints give fresh definition to black, dark blue, shades of grey and tattoo effects.
Bad girl and good girl merge seamlessly in the lace biker jacket with plain tone detailing; ditto for the silver faux snakeskin version with openwork lurex lining.

For men the sense of rebellion has the rumble of clandestine car races, fifties hot rod mode. Here defiance comes in the form of iconic street- and workwear denims & leathers, then shifts gears to include the sun-faded colours and surfer dude look emblematic of southern Cal beaches. Once again, retro images cross paths with super slick tech references. End result? An impressive array of Harrington jackets, short-sleeve shirts, polos and ankle crop pants along with bermudas, biker jackets, denim shirts, overalls and patch decor sweats. It’s a face-off between black, dark blue, grey and khaki hues and a palette of soft washed-out red, green and orange tones. Similarly, between geometric checks and rain, phytomorphic and camouflage prints. All in short & boxy fifties fits.
As for the hot rod craze, it explodes in the biker and bomber jackets in variously waxed, sprayed, overdyed leather.

Meanwhile on the denim front, fits are still skinny, straight and boyish for girls, slim and regular – both low crotch style – for guys. Colours are mostly fresh and summery: in addition to all shades of black, there are lots of bleached out, white and medium blue nuances.
Of particular interest is the newly expanded Maestro line, a capsule collection of premium handcrafted and numbered denims. For girls and guys alike, Replay Maestro has fun with destroyed and carefully mended jeans. Other attractions in the creative wash & treatment category are: gel bleaching, random time shading, plus marble cast washing for guys alone. Novel material mixes (for guys) and rivet trims & leather effects (for girls) complete the picture this season.

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