YUM? @Rentokil’s #Pestaurant is turning pests into gourmet treats @crestacentre

To celebrate the hard work behind successful pest control, Rentokil will unveil South Africa’s first ‘Pop-Up Pestaurant’ at Johannesburg’s Cresta Shopping Centre on 3 June. Everyone is welcome to come and give “entomophagy” (the eating of insects) a try.

At the Pestaurant, for one day only, experts will be serving up delicacies like roasted locusts, mealworms and buffalo worms and pest-inspired dishes such as cream cheese and cricket wraps, cricket crostini, salsa mealworm and locust canapés, all of them perfectly edible and guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds.

A number of professionally-trained Rentokil experts will also be on hand to discuss the food being served and to answer questions about insects and how to avoid problems associated with various insect pests.

On top of providing edible insects for the public to sample, Rentokil will also be running an Instagram competition at the event where visitors can stand in line to win a Pestaurant apron and a “Make your Pestaurant at Home” kit. Rentokil has 3 of these to give away to the visitors who upload the 3 most liked photos on Instagram using the hash tag #ieatbugs2015.

Considering the fact that insects have a much higher ‘feed conversion rate’ than conventional livestock (which emits 18 percent of global greenhouse-gases*), farming edible insects may soon become a respectable alternative to beef, pork and chicken protein! As farming edible insects requires less space, energy and water, it automatically reduces the impact on the environment.

The argument is supported by respected bodies like the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation, who identified insects as a potentially valuable food source for the rapidly-growing global community, seeing that they are rich in protein, zinc, calcium and iron, whilst being low in fat.

With its Global Pestaurant Rentokil delves deeper into the concept of eating insects that are termed ‘pests’. Pigeons, despite being a nuisance for many city-dwellers, are already recognised as a delicacy on many Michelin-starred menus. In Japan, fried rice-field grasshoppers (inago) feature on some restaurant menus, while roasted weevil larvae (gusano) is a favourite amongst diners in Mexico.

To celebrate the global nature of its Pestaurant, Rentokil will we be collecting the best pest recipes from participating countries and compiling them into a downloadable Pest Dish Cookery Book, says Rentokil Initial SA’s Category Manager, Nathalie Leblond. She says their Pest Dish Cookery Book idea was created in response to very positive trial runs at various events throughout 2014.

Pestaurant is a fun campaign to raise awareness around common pests and the benefits associated with eating insects. Our Rentokil experts deal with millions of pests on behalf of people all around the world. As a global organisation, we gain knowledge from colleagues all over the world. It gives us the leverage to develop novel ways of dealing with pests in a South African context We know what a problem pests like ants, crickets, cockroaches, termites, mice, rats and so on can be, and are here to help residents and business owners to remain pest-free in the safest way.

Rentokil’s Pop-Up Pestaurant will be open from 12:00 on 3 June 2015 and photographs of the event will be available upon request from 12:00.

Pestaurant – Invite (2)
Pestaurant Menu in full:
Roasted Crickets
Crispy Mealworms
Plain roasted Buffalo worms
Crunchy Locusts

Chocolate-covered mixed bugs
Scorpion Lollipops
Ant Candy

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