S.T.A.R. Walk Poster draft

It is not acceptable that our children are more likely to be raped, than to get a tertiary education! Even more frightening is that less than 10% of these reported cases result in convictions of the perpetrators.

Rape and sexual abuse must become matters of national priority and dealt with urgently by society as a whole. Karmilla Pillay – Siokos of Slutwalk Johannesburg, part of the international Slutwalk movement and Martin Pelders of Matrix Men, part of the Sensible Choices group, have gathered together a passionate team of women, men and teens to organise S.T.A.R. Walk (Stand Together Against Rape) at Pirates Sports Club, Greenside, at 10h00 on 12 September 2015.

Despite a growing body of research disproving the myth that rape involves a male stranger violently attacking an adult female, people continue to believe the stereotype and blame the victim. This is precisely the mindset that we need to challenge.

Here are some of the facts:
Women do rape men.
Rape can occur within marriage.
Anybody can be a victim or a perpetrator.
People are more likely to be raped by someone they know, than by a stranger.
There is no typical rape scenario; and there is no typical rape survivor or victim.

We can all agree about the need to challenge rape culture and hold society responsible for perpetuating damaging myths about survivors as well as perpetrators. We all share the desire to challenge the status quo. This Women’s Month government and the media have prioritised the involvement of men in the fight for gender equality. This is an important step forward!

The next step is to stop pretending that rape is an issue that can be dealt with during Women’s Month and 16 days of activism. It is a daily struggle. We need to keep the fight going all year round, together – women, men and children.

Add your organisation to the growing list of S.T.A.R. Walk supporters or participate as an individual.

For more information contact Karmilla Pillay-Siokos – karmillaps@gmail.com / 0824809320 and like & follow them on Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/STAR-walk.

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