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The Greenkeepers at Randpark Club initiated a golf challenge to the members which involves playing an 18-hole game of golf on either the Firethorn or Bushwillow course depending on the members’ choice, however with a twist.

The Greenkeepers play with a hand full of clubs and practice balls, their latest technology in equipment is from the 90’s. The game played as a 4 ball with 2 members of the club pitted against 2 greenkeepers. The team that loses would have to plant 2 River Bushwillow Trees supplied by the club, in recognition of Earth Day and Earth Month being celebrated at the club.

The challenge was accepted by members and recently the second game took place. There was great comradery between the players and it was noticed that the Greenkeepers were actually giving the other team advice on how to better their next swing. The Greenkeepers Roger Innes and Ivan van Heerden won the game, they were 5 holes ahead with 4 holes still to play.

Alf Adami, a member at Randpark commented, “A great and challenging game. It was played in good spirits.”

Ivan van Heerden, the Greenkeeper of the Bushwillow Course said, “We are very happy with the win. It is a 2 for 2 winning record. I hope we can keep this up.”

Randpark have decided to run this challenge once a month for a period of time ensuring more trees will be planted. Whether the trees will be planted by the Greenkeepers or the members is yet to be seen depending on the outcome of the game, but one thing is certain, there will be more trees planted at this green lung in the city.

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