Talking Talent, Meditating to Silence.

If you’re looking into getting working as a model or in a movie or Television production then Odds & Sods Character Placement can place you. They are always looking for, and placing the right Redhead, the ideal identical or the cutest kids- along with a whole lot of odds and sods. Barbara Gillman interviews South Africa’s golden girl, Melanie Walker is the blonde in charge, and knows exactly how to get the best people into the limelight. www..facebook.com/OddsAndSodsCharacterPlacement

Transcendental Meditation is well known to be easy to learn and enjoyable to do. And you get amazing benefits with regular practice because it reverses stress. So this is something you could seriously consider. Are you are looking specifically for stress management, or just to learn to meditate? Vicki and Richard Broome will help you reduce stress and find your bliss at www.tminjoburg.co.za

Edward Chamberlain-Bell recommends the new Barista Chardonnay because it reveals captivating aromas and flavours, approachability, exceptional smoothness and seamless integration of wood and fruit. And in distinctive Barista style, the packaging exhibits minimalist sophistication and style, topped with its signature standout screw cap design, and is exceptionally food friendly and well priced. www.jozistyle.co.za/barista-chardonnay

Radio Today (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: www.1485.org.za/ and 1485.mobi.

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