We Love: Intensely moisturising skincare for South African skin from QMS Medicosmetics

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24 Hour Cream
A highly concentrated, intensive moisturising and nourishing formula that leaves skin firm and penetrates deep into the epidermis to activate cellular metabolism and respiration. 24H. Cream is designed for day and night use and for all skin types.

24H. Cream with vitamin A, C and E complex catches free radicals and protects against premature photo aging and other environmental factors, soothes the skin, stimulates cellular activity to promote skin regeneration and fuels the skin’s repair mechanisms and collagen synthesis, with an immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An active ingredient complex of marine origin moisturises, firms and provides sustained protection against skin dryness. Silk proteins form a film to firm, soothe and provide moisture to the skin.

Great for dehydrated skin caused by smoking!

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Co-Lectine 3
Co-Lectine 3 for mature skin is an innovative combination of active ingredients. This high performance fluid firms the skin by working from the inside to stimulate and activate the production of your own Collagen-3 fibres, boost the creation of new cells and strengthen the skin’s supporting tissues.

The active ingredients are embedded in a hyaluronic acid gel and act like a power pack in four ways:
Stimulates the production of your own Collagen-3-fibres.
Boosts the creation of new cells making it an ideal night care product.
Hyaluronic acid has a high capacity for binding water for sustained and intensive moisturisation.
Hyaluronic acid is similar to liposome- able to channel active ingredients deep into the skin.

With Co-Lectine 3, the natural supportive stratum is regenerated, the elasticity and smoothness of skin enhanced and facial lines and wrinkles alleviated.

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