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QMS Jozi Style

Skincare based on nature, backed by science and tested by hundreds of woman- who weren’t allowed to moisturise for two months, are marketing buzzwords that we hear all the time, when all we want to see are the results!

QMS Medicosmetics popped up on our Jozi Style radar at the luxurious Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa where we had booked a facial and massage before a spot of lunch. Usually spa therapists pepper your pampering with an informative sales pitch, which one expects as they earn commission through selling products. As my therapist concluded my facial, I had the Classic Collagen Facial, I braced ourselves for the dreaded sales pitch, but there wasn’t one because Fairlawns considers it tacky.

What I didn’t anticipate were the results: skin that glowed and facial features that appeared lifted. I thought I looked ten years younger, I even had to pinch my skin to see if it could move, it was nothing short of miraculous. But, the highlight of the experience was when my partner saw me that evening, his jaw dropped top the floor and asked if I’d just had Botox.

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

When you see results like that, you don’t need a sales pitch, you need a credit card. Fortunately, QMS is also available for home use. I liked the convenience of the QMS Medicosmetics Med Set because it had all the basics boxed into a starter set. It’s an unfussy range of skincare products that tackle any concerns with medical efficiency. No funny fragrances, and no clumsy little spatulas. So men will appreciate it too. Simply pump!

QMS Medicosmetics Med Set is a unique combination of three perfectly combined products, specifically designed to work in synergy to reduce the effects of ageing and stimulate skin regeneration. This anti-ageing miracle should be the foundation of any skin routine; skin looks younger and revitalised and feels smoother to the touch.

It begins with chemical exfoliation to loosen dead skin, followed by collagen intense moisturisers. But you’ve heard that all before because everybody does it like that. Unfortunately, the skin can’t absorb collagen externally, so you’re wasting your time buying products that list collagen as a primary ingredient. The difference with QMS is that they de-constructed collagen into smaller molecules which re-constitute themselves back into collagen under the skin. It sounded a bit too sci-fi for my liking, but what I do know is that it works!

The range was developed by Dr. Erich Schulte, a leading surgeon in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery. His vision was to design a unique skincare collection that today is regarded as one of the most effective and transformative to be found, his pioneering innovations have revolutionized the way we treat and care for our skin. .

Fortunately, the QMS range is available throughout South Africa and is highly regarded by beauty editors for correcting highly sensitive and problematic skin. QMS uses revolutionary Nano Enhanced Cross Transport Technology; moisturising, firming, regenerative and protective ingredients penetrate deeper (up to 15%) and effectively feed skin cells for up to 12 hours. Formulas combine the highest quality ingredients with cutting edge techniques whilst maintaining the core belief that this is a skincare system that is for every day and for everyone

Begin your routine with the QMS Medicosmetics Dermabrasive Gel. A unique concentration of only 7% superior fruit acids adapted for sensitive and problematic skin dissolves the outer layers of the skin, reduces sebum production, clears blocked pores (often the reason for comodones), improves skin structure and lowers the concentration of bacteria. Glycerrhetic Acid within the formulation is effective at preventing inflammation and regularises the skin in the long-term. A well-balanced relationship exists between exfoliators and soothers with the aim of removing the outer layers of dead skin without provoking additional irritation of problematic areas.

Follow with antibacterial QMS Medicosmetics Med Day Protection in the morning. A synergistic functioning moisturiser formulation styled specifically for the day to promote healing, stimulate cell regeneration and support the revitalisation of chapped or rough skin. Highly effective ingredients including anti-oxidants soothe inflammation and regulate the balance of sebum and moisture production whilst improving the skin’s own acid mantle, which protects against environmental damage and oxidative stress.

Hyaluronic acid provides instant and long-term moisturising effects whilst antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals that cause the ageing. Soothing Sweet Wood extract, Chamomile and Panthenol nourish and calm the skin; soluble collagen (70% concentration) works into the deep layers of the epidermis improving elasticity and naturally retaining water, providing a moisturising effect that diminishes lines and wrinkles and refines pores and skin surface.

At night replace QMS Medicosmetics Med Day Protection with QMS Medicosmetics Med Night Repair. Formulated with bio-stimulators to enhance the body’s natural skin repair process which occurs at night and imperative for the repair mechanisms in irritated skin. This is done by stimulating cell metabolism and reactivating the protective functions of the skin, enhancing the skins natural resistance. Soothing ingredients nourish and calm the skin while the combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid not only improves skin elasticity but also creates a highly effective anti-wrinkle and moisturising serum.

The Classic Set (all 3 products) retails for R1,885, and it’s worth it!

Contact: www.qmsmedicosmetics.co.za

QMS Jozi Style

  1. Maria

    First of all, i must say i never used a better produst than QMS medicosmetics. I was advised by the skintherapist at “natural beauty parkstad” in the netherlands after reading through their entire site http://www.rimpelvrij.com .
    I never though the aging of my skin could by slowed down like it does and my skin condition even improves.
    Right now i buy my products with http://www.collageen.nu and to be honest, i think i’ll never use an other product line again. ever.

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