Profile Fleur du Cap winemaker Pieter Badenhorst @FleurduCapWines #WineJoziStyle

Leading the Fleur du Cap red wine team, Pieter Badenhorst oversees the production, management and control of barrel maturation for the premier Unfiltered wines as well as the Bergkelder Selection range.

Pieter has an excellent track having made Fleur du Cap white wines since 2007. With a host of trophies, double gold medals and Platter 5-star wines to his credit, he looks forward with renewed energy to the challenges ahead crafting Fleur du Cap red wines.

Growing up in the Boland surrounded by wine farms, Pieter was exposed to the industry from a very young age. In 2003, after graduating with a degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch, he started his career as assistant winemaker of white wines at Nederburg under the guidance of Razvan Macici and Andrea Freeborough.

As a talented and passionate winemaker, Pieter believes in the Fleur du Cap philosophy of Regional Excellence. Selecting vineyard sites that best express the sought after flavour profiles and sense of place in the wine allows Pieter to craft wines from the pick of the crop in diverse regions of the Western Cape. This philosophy of Regional Excellence and affinity with nature, allows the wines to express the character inherent in the grapes themselves. Furthermore, it sets Fleur du Cap apart with richly layered wines of great complexity and finesse. True to their origins, these wines bring a rich tapestry of flavours to life.

“I love wine and for me the joy of being a winemaker lies in the privilege to drive to work every morning knowing that I am not just going to work but that I am actually giving voice to my passion in life,” says Pieter. “Furthermore, I would also like to see that the public becomes more educated on wine, not necessarily to become experts, but at least to know the basics so that they can distinguish for instance between a wine that does not appeal to their taste and a corked or oxidised bottle of wine.”

When Pieter is not busy in the cellar, you will find him spending quality family time with his wife and two children or with family and friends. His other pleasures in life are sport and music.

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