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The Pioneer Woman
New seasons premiere Monday 15 February at 16:00 CET
Food Network has wrangled up two lip-smacking seasons with cowgirl Ree Drummond as she gets to work on an array of brand new exciting recipes for the ranch. Back on the frontier, the Pioneer Woman’s hard-working family are maintaining her thriving farm, ensuring that it continues to churn out top quality produce, ready for Ree to throw straight into her wonderful food creations. Ree uses up some lovingly home-grown herbs for use in her lemonrosemary scones, French onion soup, and a gorgeous panzanella salad. That’s all before a heartfelt meal of Ree’s lifetime favourites, including a retro beef stroganoff from her childhood, and a pasta al quattro formaggi – a staple of her student years. So settle in for a huge range of delicious rustic dishes, all conjured up with Ree’s signature twist this February, only on Food Network.

Save my Bakery
Premieres Monday 15 February at 21:00 CET
Join the cake revolution led by pastry maestro Kerry Vincent as she embarks on a crucial mission to save some hopelessly rundown bakeries, littered across the United States. Answering the call of desperate bakery owners in over their heads, Kerry shows up armed with her trademark no-nonsense approach and attempts to turn these desperate dives into thriving social hotspots. Transforming stale pastries into delectable desserts, Kerry will work her magic in a last-ditch attempt to bring back lost customers, pushed out by these shops’ poor standards. Kerry looks to inject some spark into Viking Pastries of Ardmore, a family owned bakery that was hit with personal tragedy, before tackling Phatso’s Bakery and Schubert’s Bakery, in a tough series of renovations. Can Kerry turn these downand-out bakeries around, and in turn change the lives of the despairing owners?

Follow Donal… To Europe
Premieres Friday 26 February at 19:00 CET
Hit the road with up-and-coming young chef Donal Skehan, as the popular food vlogger expands his culinary horizons on a backpacking trip across Europe. After the success of his Vietnam tour, Donal is on the hunt for some more homegrown delights as he meets up with some other successful local food bloggers from the continent, and savours an enchanting taste of European culture. In Budapest, he scoffs down some delicious street food before visiting a yearly gourmet festival full of some famous flavours, and a very peculiar delicacy of the region! When he visits Istanbul, Donal is treated to the breakfast of a king, before a rather unusual mouthful of sheep’s head. Through Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow, and Stockholm, Donal visits some cultural hotspots packed to the brim with amazing tastes and aromas. There’s a new adventure around every corner for Donal as he unearths some authentic tangs and spices alongside his food blogging peers. Be sure to tune in on his latest voyage, only on Food Network.

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