Ponta’s Portuguese-inspired Food! #DineJoziStyle

Ponta Portuguese Inspired Restaurant DineJoziStyle Edward-CHamberlain-Bell

What I love about hosting a #DineJoziStyle social media foodie meetup is that we get to taste and share everything. It’s a great way to sample new dishes that you might be reluctant to try or breakaway from always ordering your tried and tested favourites.

Ponta Portuguese Inspired Restaurant DineJoziStyle Edward-CHamberlain-Bell


Ponta Portuguese Inspired Restaurant DineJoziStyle Edward-Chamberlain-Bell

If you need one reason to visit Ponta it has to be the blooming onions (served with a selection of dips!). The blooming onions may break your diet but they are totally worth it. They’re great to share on the table while waiting for your meal to arrive – or order one as a side. The garlic dip is lethal but that doesn’t stop me from ordering it every time!

Ponta serves Portuguese-inspired food prepared with authentic Mozambiquan flair. Imagine you’re on holiday and just want to eat great food that is unfussy and unpretentious. You can even eat with your fingers. Try their R&R coolers – which could stand for rest & relaxation or raspberry & rum coolers. Ponta is fully licensed (for a good time) so you can always order something less tropical.

Ponta is about casual dining with a quirky sense of style. In addition to their very reasonably priced and generously portioned platters, they’re famous for their chilled atmosphere, tongue in cheek menu, and laidback R&Rs. It goes without saying that their food is too delicious not to share. Order a few platters (or plates) and share with family and friends.

Ponta’s platters are made for sharing because there’s plenty for everyone. Our starters included chicken wings, calamari tenticles and calamari tubes, their famous Flaming Pig chorizo sausage, prawn rissoles and their Beeeech Salad. Try mixing and matching your starters to enjoy tapas-style.

Simple flavours work best when you’re using the freshest ingredients. Ponta keeps it simple but there’s lots of garlic, chillies, and fresh herbs on hand. The catch of the day is literally the catch of the day and meat lovers will love their espetadas which are as high as the skyline – they’re exceptionally tender and moist. I don’t have the recipe for their basting sauce – but, I wouldn’t share it if I did!

Their chicken deserves a special mention. I know the old adage that one should never order chicken in a restaurant because it’s so easy to make yourself at home, but Ponta’s chicken is unlike any chicken you’ve ever tasted. Instead of ordering a chicken takeaway, treat yourself to a winner winner chicken dinner at Ponta!

Lockdowns have taught me that life is too short to say no to dessert. Ponta offers tarturas (churros with caramel sauce), waffles and ice cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce, and chocolate mousse. My favourite has to be the strawberry ice cream which is quite fresh without being overtly sweet or heavy.

One reason why I recommend Ponta is that you know what to expect but they ring a few surprises. They proudly acknowledge that their food is Portuguese-inspired because they’re not taking credit for their recipes but they do add their own twist.

It’s a twist worth experiencing for yourself!

Visit Ponta.