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Trust us when we say that if the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans or homemade bread could be bottled as a fragrance then the JoziStyle team would buy it wholesale. They might even be tempted to add smoke to that list because it is so intoxicatingly delicious, but lets keep a grip on sanity for a minute because no one reading JoziStyle wants to smell like the Ultimate Braaimaster. JoziStyle knows that every foodie has a kitchen cupboard filled with gourmet treats that soon outlive their expiry date but we have discovered a gourmet treat that will tickle the taste buds of every foodie, fashionista & firestarter in the land. It’s literally called Liquid Smoke. Byron Parson explains all its uses, and is even offering three lucky listeners the chance to win a promotional pack if they can suggest the most creative use for liquid smoke.

Edward Chamberlain-Bell introduced Dave Nemeth to the JoziStyle team as a VIP cohost. Dave is one of South Africa’s foremost trend forecasters who Edward says will elevate the JoziStyle team from simply talking about current trends to sharing upcoming trends before anyone (except dave!) would even know about them. It’s a major coup- and one worthwhile listening to.

The Glam Guru HANNON launches amazing new skin care range in South Africa that will protect your skin from the harsh South African sun. If you want an informed opinion about how your skin function at it’s best, the joziStyle got the inside scoop from Hannon himself about how to look your best.

New domains are available for local businesses; there’s .Joburg .CapeTown .Durban, all available essential marketing tools for businesses based in those cities who want to position themselves in local Google. JoziStyle might be unashamedly proudly johannesburg- but they also support all stylish cities in South Africa. Learn why your business might need one of the new gTlds from JoziStyle.

For more information, simply visit www.jozistyle.co.za.

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