Objections: Thought provoking exhibition questioning male stereotypes.

Res Gallery is proud to present ‘Objections’ a project initiated by artist George Holloway, questioning his gender and the role as a man in contemporary South Africa. Photographers Gene Gualdi and Peter Primich, using Holloway’s body as a vehicle of self questioning and interrogation, exploring the infinite possibilities on the subject.

Gene Gualdi | Photographer

In ‘Objections’ Gene’s work expresses her vexation towards the derogatory attitude of chauvinistic men, through six phrases often used to address woman.

Men are persuaded by their sexual urges and are often unable to restrain themselves.

Peter Steven Primich | Photographer

In ‘Objections’, Peter depicts the various facets of what it means to be a man, in this case, George Holloway, namely, boy, man, son, husband, worker, father, lover, free spirit.

“Men are often stereotypically portrayed as one-dimensional aggressors. I want to show another

side of me.”

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